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Ship Of Heroes: latest attempt to avenge City of Heroes


It is an entirely true and 110% accurate fact that everyone who ever played now-dead superheroic MMO City of Heroes is now developing three spiritual sequels of their own. Ship Of Heroes is the latest attempt to resurrect the much-loved NCSoft title, character creator and all, with the twist that it's all set on a giant spaceship.

To get it out the way first - they're planning on a Kickstarter in April, and though I don't know how much bat-cash they already have in the bat-attic, it's probably not entirely inappropriate to say that the fate of Ship of Heroes depends on the outcome of that.

I should also note that it does not currently involve any original COH developers, and that this appears to be the first major game project for its team, Pennsylvania-based Heroic Games Inc, most of whom are big huge COH fans. That hasn't stopped other Kickstarted games from being excellent, but I just wanted to set expectations for a crowd-funded massively multiplayer game at an appropriate level. This project would be an enormous undertaking for any small team.

Take a look at the videos below and you'll see a mix of the extremely recognisable, the subtly or not-so-subtly different and elements, such as UI, that clearly need a ton of work yet. It's Unreal engine-based, by the way.


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Character creator:

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I'm reasonably impressed by the character creator and environments - clearly both money and dedication has gone onto this - but the combat video suggests a lot of work is yet to be done. Well, that's what Kickstarter is for, after all.

You might have noticed that, despite apparently being set onboard a spaceship, it looks a whole lot like a city. Paragon City, to be specific. Well, here's the conceit they're going for: "It’s a ship that is going places, so our aspiration is to have the ship dock periodically at new worlds, distant mining colonies, other ships, and perhaps even a space station or two, in a sequence. "In each new location, Players will find new missions, materials to harvest, enemies to defeat, and unique items to acquire."

Here's an intro video to said ship, including the ow-no-please-please-don't revelation that it's powered by made-up mineral Unobtanium, a term that's been around for yonks but which is most known for its use in magic enviro-Smurfs opus Avatar.

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More details here. Kickstarter's due April 4, with goals not yet revealed, but if it works out then they plan on alphas late this year and through 2018, with a beta to follow.

If it's the original you miss, you should know that, although it's officially been force-fed Kyrptonite, it is still possible to play it, albeit on quieter, third-party servers.

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