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Bone Up On Skulls Of The Shogun's Release Date

Sometimes, I wonder what I'd be if all my superfluous life fluff were stripped away, and I was left with my barest essentials. Would I end up a lover? A fighter? A frozen, naked coward? It's tough to say, but I quite like Skulls of the Shogun's (extremely literal) supposition. Stripped of my skin, muscles, eyeballs, and blood, I'd be a samurai. A skeleton samurai. Fighting for vengeance and honor, using all the tactical knowledge still bouncing around in my half-rotted undead brain. Happily, I'll soon have the chance to live that flesh-free dream, seeing as Skulls of the Shogun's coming out at the end of the month.

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Admittedly, there's a chance all won't be well when Skulls launches on January 30th. It is, after all, silent servant of the oh-so-tyrannical feudal lord that is Windows 8. This humble machine I'm currently word-beaming at you from, for instance, will be sadly unable to parse Skulls' arbitrary brand of voodoo magic.

On the other hand, that opens the door to cross-platform multiplayer across PC, Xbox, phone, and tablet, which is quite the range of interconnected electronic rectangles. So, as ever, there are ups and downs - though I'm not sure this particular end justifies the means. But then, anything could happen. I suppose we'll see.

Argh, I do so want to play this one, though. What if I just replaced my desktop background with a picture of some colorful squares and pried the seven key off my keyboard? Do you think that'd fool Skulls into running? Because it's the best idea I've got at this point.

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