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Skulls Of The Shogun Escapes Windows 8 Tyranny

I'm going to have a full interview about the strange, sad tale of how/why excellent TBS Skulls of the Shogun so bewilderingly ended up as a Windows 8 exclusive, and how it all went so, so wrong, up on the site tomorrow. Meantime, let's share the good news - this ace, very funny and tight undead Samurai battler is now free from its Microsoftian chains, and will arrive on Steam & Humble for any PC that can handle it next month. And thank God for that.

It'll have brand new stuff on its old bones too.

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They're calling it the Bone-a-fide Edition, which only makes me like it even more than I already did. Mostly I'm just so relieved that it's going to be available to everyone, not just early adopters of one of Microsoft's most divisive (and flawed) operating systems ever.

Main addition is a new sub-campaign with a new story and a new star, but there'll also be six new multiplayer levels, persistent progression, real-time and asynchronous multiplay and all sorts like that. In theory, the multiplayer will be cross-platform with wherever else the game lands up from hereon out, though the Windows 8/Phone/Surface/XBLA versions remain their own little walled ghetto.

$14.99, late July, discounted pre-orders open now via Steam and Humble. I'm looking forward to hearing what any other human being thinks of the game now it's not just me and 12 other guys who'll own it.

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