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Don't Blink: The Shortest SimCity Trailer 

There isn't a lot to this SimCity trailer, which EA are bafflingly calling in an "Introduction", as if we hadn't already been talking about the game for a year already. Or did I just imagine all that? I could check, but I like to live life on the edge. For example: I'm writing this article directly into the CMS. This is internet without a safety net. All I have are my wits, the inbuilt spellchecker in Firefox (Chrome and WordPress do not get along), and a desire to crank things up a notch. Who's with me? Let's gooooo...

Still there? Cool. I felt for sure I was going to storm off and you'd stand back and giggle. Welcome the the second paragraph, otherwise known as the party paragraph. Let's kick off with a bit of a dance to to this remix of "Call Me Maybe". Then pretend we're all in a room with Microsoft's bizarre new technology. You might also want to read this blog post over at the SimCity site that details some of the features of running multiple cities. You can have up to 16 in one game. Hey, my parties are educational as well as being off The Hook. Time for the main event. Are you ready? ARE? YOU? READY?







Cover image for YouTube video

It's out on March 5th/8th. You'll know when that is, because that's when the party in the second paragraph ends and the fireworks go off.

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