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Cafe Culture: Tale Of Tales' Bientôt l'été Semi-Free

If you like bamboozling investigation in the outer wilds of electronic entertainment but don't like paying for it, your happiness processor might respond to the news that reliably obtuse devs Tale of Tales have a made a major element of their latest, Bientôt l'été, free and browser-based.

It's the multiplayer aspect of the game, which in this case means an abstract cafe-based conversation with another player. It is, needless to say, odd, but it evokes Journey somewhat, in terms of figuring out unconventional ways to communicate with whatever perfect stranger you find yourself in the company of.

The singleplayer part, an even more dreamlike beach scene, remains paid, and is essential to having really any control of the 'thoughts' used for conversation in the multiplayer part. The free version gives you a random selection though, as well as allowing cloud-importing of sentences found in the full game. Private play is also possible, via a password system.

Urgh. All of that sounds completely inaccurate now I read it back. Trying to describe this is hard work - just take a look, presuming you've no objection to running the Unity plugin. (Click 'try' to get going).

You might like it, you might love it, or your might hate it. All of those are okay.

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