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A Load Of Bologna: Tower And Power

I enjoyed the first two Assassin's Creed games despite being the worst assassin that history had ever been witness to. I spent my time exploring the cities rather than murdering the people who lived there, looking for vantage points, enjoying the views. Of course, every now and then I had to kill someone, just to open up the next area to explore. Assassination is the Olden Times equivalent of a ticket on the National Express. But if the past is another country, why must I be more than a tourist there? Tower and Power, currently on Kickstarter, understands that walking through history could be pleasurable without all the parkour and puncturing.

I bet nobody watched that from beginning to end, but even so, perhaps some of you are as intrigued as I am? If the recreation of medieval Bologna is as faithful as claimed, the project strikes me as being educationally and culturally valid, as well as being a toy that I'd like to play with.

There will be some missions available, mostly encouraging exploration, so possibly more like targets and objectives than fully fleshed out quests, but it's the scale of the research and reproduction that impresses me. I'll climb a tower whether there's a feather at the top or not.

The Kickstarter campaign launched over a week ago and hasn't received much attention yet and I'm willing to admit that I'm in a very small minority of people who would actually want to play with it. I enjoy messing about with Google Earth and reading about medieval history far more than anyone else I know so maybe I'm the precise target audience. Behold, Adam, the focus group that nobody ever asked for. But, hey, if the project raises enough money, there will be an actual proper gamey-game attached to it.

"Our ultimate dream is to create a game of true historical popularization, which may preserve all the features of an adventurous and fascinating experience. The concept will be based on an original set of rules to allow players to place themselves in Mediaeval daily lives, the events which take place in the game and the town map being historically faithful..."

I've seen so many discussions about where and when the Assassin's Creed games should venture, but which city, in which period, would you like to see remade Tower and Power style? I'd go for Edinburgh, although I'm not sure when. Anytime when it's not snowing, really, as both times I've visited in winter I've slipped and made a right fool of myself.

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