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Meet Loremaster Lawrence: The Elder Scrolls Online

I have about as much interest in Elder Scrolls' lore as I do in high definition photographs of infected hangnails. I've been playing the series since the release of Daggerfall but I've managed to absorb absolutely nothing about any ongoing plot or fantastic history. All that is about to change. The latest video promotion for The Elder Scrolls Online is hosted by 'Loremaster Lawrence Schick', who not only has an excellent job title and name, but also boasts superior facial foliage and a voice that is both wise and soothing. It is now one of my life's ambitions to have Lawrence read The Silmarillion to me as a bedtime story.

"Three young, muscular alliances...fertile heartland...Abnur Tharn's Daedric connections" - normally, anyone saying that last quoted part with a straight face would instantly lose my attention and respect, but when Mr Schick says it, I find myself leaning foward. Oh ho! Do go on. Tell me more about these Daedric connections!

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