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Mod A Mod: Surface Tension Uncut Beefs Up Black Mesa

When I'd finished the excellent Half-Life remake mod Black Mesa I was a bit discombobulated. I looked at the clock and realised that my allotted ten hour slot for playing it had come up short. I was a full 53 minutes early. What was going on? The only explanation was there was a time slip while I was hopping around being Gordon. I put it down to a rogue CERN test and moved on with my life. But now I've been made aware of Surface Tension Uncut, a mod that restores the Surface Tension section from the original Half-Life to its full glory in Black Mesa.

So, yes. A mod inside a mod. There was always going to be dissenting voices about some elements of Black Mesa's treatment of the original work of Gord, but TextFAMGUY1's approach is the most constructive method of complaint. He just made it himself, rebuilding the ending to his satisfaction and then integrating it right back into Black Mesa. It's seamless. There's an all too long 50 minute walkthrough below for those that can't be bothered returning to Black Mesa. For those who've yet to play, why not add it before you begin?

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And the mapper has just started to work on rebuilding the "On A Rail" section. Now he's just showing off. At this rate he'll have remade the remake by the time the Black Mesa team get Xen out.

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