August 2011 Archive

    1. Resorting To Violence: Dead Island Trailer
    2. Zeboyd Are On the Rain-Slick Precipice
    3. Rawr: Telltale Show Jurassic Park Action
    4. Eyes-On: Battlefield 3's Operation Guillotine
    5. Undead To Rights: Project Zomboid Update
    6. Uh-Oh: Iron Helmet Announce Jupiter's Folly
    7. There's Also Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    8. Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai Preview
    9. Oh, What a Knight: Maldita Castilla
    10. Overgrowth Still Going, Awesome Footage
    11. Trackmania 2's "Educational" Trailer
    1. Dustbiff: Hawken's Desert Level Footage
    2. Why You Can't Shoot Civilians In Battlefield 3
    3. Bioware's Dragon Age III Plans Collated
    4. Hazardless Journey: Antichamber
    5. Guild Wars 2 Has Player-Made PvP Servers
    6. Casual Terror: Jurassic Park Preview
    7. Press Down To Cry: Is It Time?
    8. Arkham City Is A GFWL Title
    9. Blue Blistering Bashi Bazouks: Tintin
    10. Global Agenda Remains Free, Expands
    11. The Binding of Isaac Trailer Is Adorable
    12. Gabe's Business Plan? "Not Sucking"
    13. The Secret World Beta Sign Ups Actually Up
    14. Why No Minecraft On Steam? Those ToS
    1. Call of Duty: MW3 To Use Steamworks
    2. Wot You Thought: Deus Ex Human Revolution
    3. P'dox Confirm Warlock: Master of the Arcane*
    4. Show Of Force: Defiance
    5. Torchlight II Will be $20, Final Class Reveal
    6. Firefall Closed Beta About To Begin, Trailer
    7. Kingdoms/Horses: War of the Roses Interview
    8. Are There Any Good Facebook Games?
    9. Also Notchian: Scrolls Details, Video
    10. UFO 2: Extraterrestrials Due "March 2012"
    11. Hawken Teaser Trailer Is Dramatic
    12. Minecraft 1.8 PAX Wobblecam Footage
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Heroquest & More..
    2. Oh Yes, And That Razer Announcement
    1. Origin EULA Gets A Makeover
    2. A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gallery
    3. The Flare Path: Aerodromes & Charabancs
    4. WIN: Sanctum Steam Codes!
    5. Wot I Think: Star Ruler
    6. Catch It Later: Skyrim DLC Delayed (Sort Of)
    7. Interview: The Rage & Lust of id's Tim Willits
    8. The RPS Verdict: Deus Ex Human Revolution
    9. We'll Go Some More A-Roving: Extrasolar
    10. Wot I Think: Age of Empires Online
    11. Max Points: Scoregasm RPS Exclusive Demo
    12. CS: GO Trailers Plant The Bomb
    13. Twenty Minutes Of (Narrated) XCOM
    14. Of Games and Public Houses: Barcraft
    1. Thinking With Fluff: Quantum Conundrum
    2. Happy Mondays: Super Monday Night Combat
    3. Charity Begins With Threat: Fear Is Vigilance
    4. Perilous Parabolas: Tribes Ascend
    5. DXHR: Lethal Vs Non-Lethal Approaches
    6. Sky Battles Afoot: World Of Planes Trailer
    7. Vessel: Fanciful Fluids
    8. Dungeon Mastery: Legends Of Grimrock
    9. A Delirious Hour With Saints Row: The Third
    10. Old Republic & Skyrim On Same Sex Couples
    11. Team Fortress' 15th Anniversary Gift Thing
    12. Escape From City 17: Part Two
    13. Deviating From Cannon: Spocean Beta
    1. RPS Asks: Did You Delete What You Love?
    2. Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey: Achron Arrives
    3. Fouled In the Box: PES 2012 Demo
    4. Interview With Gaming Charity Special Effect
    5. Retail Deus Ex HR Coming With OnLive Code
    6. I Am Not Adam Jensen
    7. Dishonored Shots Are... Mixed In Quality
    8. EA's Origin EULA Proves Even More Sinister
    9. Virtuous: Cardinal Quest
    10. Diviner Divinity: Dragon Commander Preview
    11. Killian The Name Of: Prey 2
    12. Steam Is Offering Refunds For From Dust
    13. Space Marine Demo Live, Not (Officially) In UK
    14. Portal: No Escape Is A Short Film
    1. Hefty: Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer Footage
    2. A Surprising Hour With Rage
    3. First Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer
    4. Ludum Dare 21: Ships, Spikes, Batpunching
    5. Serious Sam 3 Release Date, Pre-Orders Open
    6. Impressions: The Book Of Living Magic
    7. Another Corner Of The Sky: Gemini Wars
    8. The New Chess: Rooks Keep
    9. A Flipping Good Time Is Flipping Decent
    10. After Forever: Borderlands 2 Preview
    11. Rules For Games: Do & Don't #4
    12. PES 2012: This Year, Feet Meet Balls
    13. Impressions: The Space Marine Demo
    14. He Rues The Day: Wargame
    15. Serious Sam: Double D Is Gun Crazy
    16. Let's Have A Look At Metro: Last Light
    17. Sword of the Stars II Cinematic Amuses Me
    18. Very Decent Proposal: Portal Brings The Love
    1. Ubisoft U-Turn On From Dust DRM!
    2. Men Of War: Vietnam Is Close Now
    3. A Virus Named Tom: Circuit Breaker
    4. Arkane's Harvey & Raf Unravel Dishonored
    5. Wot I Think: Deus Ex Human Revolution
    6. So, The Space Marine Demo Is Available
    7. Sea Craft: Scuba
    8. I Am Alive Is Apparently Still Alive
    9. Year Of The Rat: Dishonored Preview
    10. Blacklight: Retribution Contains Guns, Men
    11. Anno 2070 Trailer Shows Off Underwater City
    12. Frictional: The Horror, Then More Horror
    13. Might & Magic Heroes VI Unearths A Demo
    14. Be Good, And If You Can't, Be Strange
    15. Blizzard DOTA In 2012 After Scrap & Reboot
    16. Owlboy Demo Swoops In
    17. Razer Starting Mysterious Pro-PC Campaign
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Shadows Over Scotland
    2. Four Space Marine Trailers (Four!)
    3. DRM Research Continues At Fubisot HQ
    1. Borderlands 2 Livestream Now
    2. Eight Minutes Of Wildstar Footage
    3. Dark, Dark Wood: Salem Teaser Is Spooky
    4. The Flare Path
    5. Region Locking: We Talk To A Lawyer
    6. Need For Speed World Is Exhausting
    7. Defenders Of Ardania Is Pretty Slick
    8. These Robotic Hearts Of Mine: 24 Hour Beta
    9. Have A Play Of CS:GO At PAX And E2
    10. The Fate Of BF3's In-Game Server Browser
    11. End Of Nations: The Metagame Trailer
    12. Nine Minutes Of Assassin's Creed Revelations
    13. (Not) The Planetside 2 Gamescom Trailer
    1. Deutschland Diary: A Gamescom-unication
    2. Ubisoft Edits Forum, Keeps From Dust DRM
    3. "William, The Bastard": Crusader Kings II
    4. Lookin' Fine: Trine 2 Trailer
    5. Some Planetside 2 Images From Gamescom
    6. Minecraft Devs Mojang To Publish Cobalt
    7. DXHR No Longer Region Locked In Europe
    8. Mass Effect Vote 2: Pick A Pretend Lady's Hair
    9. From Dust DOES Need Online, Badly Ported
    10. New For Old: Old Republic Battle Footage
    11. Rock Beats Everything: Rock Of Ages
    12. Deep Space Fine: Star Trek: Infinite Space
    13. CryEngine Free, Non-Commercially At Least
    14. Thanks, Killbane! Saints Row 3 Gets Serious
    1. Just 'Cos: Renegade Ops Preview
    2. Steamy: Skyrim Definitely Using Steamworks
    3. Modern Warfare 3 To Have Dedicated Servers
    4. Newell Says Valve Need To Bring EA Back
    5. AssRev Contains Stabbing, Falling & Duality
    6. A Nice Cup Of Tea: Fallen City Screenshots
    7. Guild Wars 2 Trailer Is Quite Spectacular
    8. Paradox's Project Posted: War Of The Roses
    9. Notch Says Settle Scrolls Dispute Via Quake 3
    10. Ubisoft "Listens", Barely Changes Driver DRM
    11. Lucius: The Pint-Sized Demonic Hitman
    12. Wot I Think: Bastion
    13. The Actual Prototype 2 Gamescom Trailer
    14. Dishonored Reveals Stilt Police, Streets
    15. Inside Q.U.B.E.: Toxic Games Interview
    16. First DOTA 2 Footage Escapes Gamescom
    17. Remember Renegade Ops? Okay Then.
    18. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is Region Locked
    19. Some Aliens: Colonial Marines Images
    20. Wildstar: The First Trailer
    21. NCSoft Vs The World: Wildstar Preview
    1. Quicksmart: DOTA 2 Beta Registration Open
    2. Battlefield 3's Caspian Border 64-Player Map
    3. Koboldy: Kingdoms of Amalur Due Feb 2012
    4. Might & Magic Double-Whammy
    5. Get Your Bastion On: Bastion Out Now
    6. Gamescom: Six New Mass Effect 3 Shots
    7. Friendly: Battlefield 3 Reveals Co-Op Mode
    8. The Secret World Release Date: April 2012
    9. Warhammer Online: Wrath Of Heroes Trailer
    10. Fantasy Publisher Announcement League
    11. Otherland Is A New MMO That Looks Pretty
    12. Full Ahead: World Of Battleships Announced
    13. Reboot: Hard Reset Footage
    14. Epic Working On "PC As A Primary Platform"
    15. Cargasm's Tech Is The Interesting Bit
    16. Space Pirates And Zombies Out, V1.0 Demo
    17. Gamescom: Dead Rising 2's Off The Record
    18. Ride Of The Valkyries: Featuring Prototype 2
    19. It's Time For No Time To Explain
    20. Boyer: Your "Responsibility" Toward Games
    21. Borderlands 2: Gamescom Teaser Trailer
    22. Meet The Shopkeeper: DOTA 2's First Trailer
    1. Last On RPS: Skyrim's Racial Screenshottery
    2. League of Very, Very Rich Legends
    3. Ice To See You: Arkham City's Mr Freeze
    4. Coming to Blow’s: The Witness Interview
    5. Eagle™! Team 17's Worms™: Crazy Golf
    6. Bounce Bounce: InMomentum Trailer, Beta
    7. First On RPS: Red Orchestra 2's New Trailer
    8. Foot-to-Ball Manager 2012th Edition
    9. Counter-Strike: GO Explained Properly
    10. PC's Arkham City Is Looking Definitive
    11. Time To Go: A Valley Without Wind
    12. RPS Asks: What's Your Gaming Safe Place?
    13. Coming Soon: The Witcher 2, 2
    1. Ooh Betty: Bethesda Forums Hacked Again
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Interwave Studios Explain Nuclear Dawn
    1. Lo-fi Frightener: Hide
    2. Cardboard Children: Of Parpellimonies...
    3. MDK2 HD Via Beamdog In September
    4. Airship Apocalypse: Guns Of Icarus Online
    5. Aiming At Jagged Alliance Online Footage
    1. Revealed: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    2. Communication Cord: A Train Sim 2012 Q&A
    3. Block Party: MineCon Is On
    4. Impressions: New Star Soccer 5
    5. Trackmania 2 Will Not Contain UbiDRM
    6. So: Retail Battlefield 3 Will Require Origin
    7. Codies Announce A Different F1 Game
    8. The Witness: Hands On
    9. Grand Nationals: Portal 2 Video Winners
    10. Flies Like A 4X: Legends Of Pegasus
    11. Interview: Chantelise, Fortune Summoners
    12. Sniper Elite V2 Version "Specifically" For PC
    13. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Confirmed?
    14. Wargame: European Escalation Trailer Is Hot
    15. Trackmania 2 Arrives September 14th!
    1. EDGE Rolls Onto PC, Demo
    2. You! Independent Developer, Listen Up.
    3. No Co(a)st: End Of Nations Is Free To Play
    4. Frozen Trynapse: Frozen Synapse Demo
    5. Ridge Racer Unbounded: Build or Break
    6. GTA4: Something To Marvel At
    7. Masters Of The Broken World "Revealed"
    8. The RPS Xbox Indie Outreach Roundup
    9. Divinity II Devs Declare Dragon Commander
    10. Third Space Marine Dev Diary Is Shiny
    11. Insanely Twisted Shadow Port?
    12. Cell: emergence Is Voxelly, Confusing
    13. First On RPS: Serious Sam 3 Hands On
    14. FFS: Ubisoft Delay PC's Driver: San Francisco
    15. Latest Image From Mystery Carbine MMO
    16. Spied: Spy Party Beta Access Pricing
    1. OnLive Arrives In UK 22nd September
    2. Id's Tim Willits Backs "Always On" Diablo 3
    3. Woo! Octodad 1 Expanded, Octodad 2 Funded
    4. Interview: Card Hunter's Jon Chey (Part 2)
    5. Is Alpha Centauri Set To Return?
    6. The Third Bit Of Metro: Last Light Footage
    7. Ignite Reveals Simraceway Indy 500 Pedigree
    8. Glory Be! Söldner Is Free!
    9. Guild Wars 2: Goddamn Plant People!
    10. Win: Lucid Steam Codes!
    11. Games For Hats: Valve Trials Steam Trades
    12. Space Marine Co-Op After Launch?
    13. To The Betacave! Gotham City Imposters
    1. Modernised: COD:MW3 Spec Ops Trailer
    2. Might Suit Meer-o: Strike Suit Zero
    3. Serious Sam 3 To Feature 4-Player Splitscreen
    4. Cheer Up! Here's A Dead Island Trailer
    5. No PC Demo For Driver: San Francisco
    6. The Typing Of The Braindead: Type Hard
    7. Rock Opera: Tommy's Back In Prey 2
    8. Despotic Ruler On Trial: Tropico 4 Demo
    9. To Arms: King's Bounty Legions Open Beta
    10. The End Has Begun: Impressions
    11. Barnstormer: Owlboy
    12. Goes Fast: Trackmania 2 Canyon Footage
    13. If Memory Serves: To The Moon
    14. Hey Kiddies! It's Star Sweet And Honey Heart
    15. FEEL the EXCITING world of WOOD CARVING
    16. Civ V++
    17. Deus Ex: Texture Revolution
    18. Id Still "Figuring Out" Quake Live
    19. Whee: World Of Warplanes Website
    1. Drakensang Online Beta Is Open Beta Open
    2. Impressions: Trauma
    3. Bethesda And Notch's Scrolls-Off Explained
    4. Bountiful: Might & Magic Heroes VI Preview
    5. Dishonored Honours Us With Screenshots
    6. Your Preyers Answered: Prey 2 Screenshots
    7. Trombone: Red Orchestra 2 Slips Two Weeks
    8. Verdict: Dungeons Of Dredmor
    9. Top 10 PC Games: Steam Vs. Shops
    10. Anarchist Attorney: Murder Dog
    11. EG Retro: Escape From Monkey Island
    12. Plastic Dragon: Skyrim's £130 Special Edition
    1. No Battlefield 3 On Steam, EA Explain (A Bit)
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Age Of Empires III
    2. First Fragments Of Borderlands 2 Revealed
    3. Id Tech: Carmack's Keynote In Full
    4. Sappy: More Live Action TF2
    5. What Is A Jedi Consular?
    6. EA Looked To Buy Mojang, No Sale
    1. Before Time: Size Five's Gibbage Goes Free
    2. Impressions: Desktop Dungeons Beta
    3. Blizzard VP "Surprised" By Diablo III Reaction
    4. Bastion Looks Set for August 16th Date
    5. Elder Scrolls vs Notch's Scrolls?
    6. Saved From Oblivion: Dibella's Watch
    7. Spiral Knights Gets Bomberman Homage PvP
    8. Transformers Universe: The Pre-Rendering
    9. Carmack Talks Rage PC, Bombastic Trailer
    10. FIGHT! Brink Free Weekend, Play With Us
    11. 2+3=11: Humble Bundle Adds 5 More Games
    12. Doom It Yourself: Doom 3 Source Code Due
    13. Dishonored Dev Explains Game Concepts
    14. Ripped: Reef's Rezon Reveals Rambo
    1. So, Yes: The Stanley Parable
    2. John And Kieron Argue About Limbo
    3. League Of Legends To Get New Game Mode
    4. Tron And On: Nitronic Rush
    5. Suit Up: Space Marine Multiplayer Trailer
    6. Hands On: Hard Reset
    7. Brink: Agents Of Change Free For 14 Days
    8. EA's Reply On Origin "Entitlement" Deletion
    9. WIN: Limbo
    10. Starcraft II Demo Now “Starter Edition”
    11. Black Ops DLC Is Dead On The Moon
    12. Dungeons - The Dark Lord Conjures Footage
    1. Impressions: Pirates of Black Cove
    3. Wot I Think: Limbo
    4. TERA To Spawn In Europe Spring 2012
    5. Why Steam Makes You Reinstall DirectX
    6. Borderlands 2 Is Really Real, Due 2012
    7. Serious Biz: DotA Team Bought For $6m
    8. Don't Blame Games For Norway Shootings
    9. Titanic Quest: Crate Speak About Grim Dawn
    10. IndieCity: "The One Stop Shop For Indies"
    11. King's Bounty: Legions Starts Invite Beta
    12. Origin To Delete Inactive Accounts?
    13. Port Royale 3 On The Horizon
    1. PSA: Limbo PC Is Out Now
    2. Notch vs Unlimited Detail
    3. Desktop Dungeons: The Fancy-Pants Version
    4. Funky, Funky Firefall
    5. Don't Mention The War: 8 Minutes Of Diablo III
    6. RPS Asks: What Is The Best Game Ending?
    7. Rage: A Hands-On Preview
    8. Interview: Card Hunter Uncovered
    9. Ctrl Alt DESTROY: Hard Reset Screens
    10. Thanks: Humble Indie Bundle 3 Adds Game
    11. Eurogamer Say: Borderlands 2 Is Being Made
    12. Pride In My Flock: Blipzkrieg
    13. Minecraft Extraordimoddery: Mine 4 Dead
    14. Back On The Streets: True Crime Hong Kong
    15. Euclideon Say "Unlimited Detail" Is Not Dead
    16. Words With Friends Will Eat The World
    17. Tiara Concerto MMO Makes Me Have A Think
    1. Confirmed: Dota 2 At Gamescom, Out 2011
    2. Proof: Why Mods Are Ace
    3. Brink: Agents Of Change Has Lonely Screens
    4. A New Zero: Voxel Destruction OohOohOoh
    5. Devolver Scrap Own Digi Distro For Sam 3
    6. The Light Fantastic: Really Big Sky
    7. Shoot The Rich: Hedone Preview
    8. Look, Single-Player People Are Just Better
    9. Diablo III: No Mods, Online-Only, Cash Trades
    10. Win A Trip To Sweden To Play Battlefield 3