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RPS Asks: Did You Delete What You Love?

Sat here in my nightmare fortress, watching all my friends tweeting about the soft horrors of modernity, I came to think about the times when I have had to give up on a game because I was too obsessed with it. There have only been a couple of examples of this, but I know I am not alone. RPS chum Craig, for example, recently forced himself to give up his true first-person passion, TF2, so that he could make the most of his holidays. My deletion of my Eve client (moved from one HD to another across five or six years) was a monumental moment that precipitated in a colossal outpouring of elegiac grief, which pretty much constituted my final word on the game. I knew that if I didn't end it, the relationship would drag on forever as I "just popped in to see what's going on", and then come out again four months later having founded a new alliance and led 100-man fleets into inebriated death at 4-am Reyjavik time. I had to delete her.

So I ask, readers, have you ever had to delete what you love?

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