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Time To Go: A Valley Without Wind

There's no looking back for A Valley Without Wind now - its new, side-scrolling look is signed and sealed, as the below humungo-chunk (17 minutes!) of in-game footage proves. Also now on show from this time-straddling exploration and survival game are brand new character models, plus assorted armour for them to find, craft and wear.

I'm still not entirely sure what to think about the side-on perspective, but it's definitely growing on me. As it is, this is a game I'm increasingly excited about - procedurally-generated world-roaming with, apparently, a proper layer of game on top of it.

The changing time periods is a neat idea too, and reminds me slightly of obtuse 90s French adventure Future Wars, though I'm sure this is a whole lot less mean and maddening than that. The full list of eras is below too. Meantime, A Valley Without Wind is speeding towards beta, which hopefully means grubby little mitts may be placed upon it soon.

There's a longer guide to what each of these time periods entails over on Arcen's design blog. You'll find yourself wearing different getups in each, as well as facing different challenges:

Unknown Ancient Century - The "Wild Garden" Age
4th Ancient Century - Bronze Age
3rd Ancient Century - Time of Magic
1st Ancient Century - Medieval
4th Modern Century - Pre-Industrial
5th Modern Century - Industrial Revolution
6th Modern Century - Contemporary
9th Modern Century - Ice Age
30th Modern Century - After People

And here's how some of it plays in action, complete with a developer commentary:

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