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Borderlands 2 Livestream Now

I just saw over at VG247 that the Borderlands 2 livestream over at Gamescom has just started. Now. Let's kick back and watch it together. I'll go stick the kettle on. Right now they are talking about guns. GUNS!

Update: It's now over, read on to find a summary of what you missed.

First, here's some of the community-driven changes they've talked about implementing for the Borderlands sequel. Apparently they've taken on feedback from a wide range of sources (presumably not any shoddy journalists though) and brought in the most requested features and fixes.

New in the sequel are:

  • Splitscreen online.
  • You can trade items with other players in a "reasonable way".
  • The UI have been "nearly entirely reworked. The splitscreen skill tree is way better". There's lots of talk of columns!
  • There are now "no problems with eligibility for multiplayer". From the sounds of things they've come up for a way for players of different levels to easily play together but keeping things balanced for everyone. Sounds mathsy.
  • They're aiming to have a lot more diversity in the environments. I heard one of them say "Tundra".
  • There will be a New game+ mode.

They also spoke of "refined" vehicle controls, with power-sliding and "independent suspension". Randy Pitchford also suggested that they might try to support both Halo style point and go controls, and direct steering: "As a gamer, I want both."

More on Borderlands 2 as we are given access to it by the publisher.

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