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No Co(a)st: End Of Nations Is Free To Play

Just when we thought we'd run out of ways to make jokes about how End Of Nations is a bit like saying "the sea", another big news story comes out of the MMO RTS. It's going to be fuh-ruh-ree. Which of course means it's going to be Free To Play. Co-developed with Petroglyph (the former Westwood team responsible for Command & Conquer), Trion Worlds are claiming that the AAA game's single player and co-op campaigns will be completely playable to the end without a fee, as well as offering access to 50 player multiplayer battles in the persistent world. So, is there a catch?

It's a little ambiguously worded. There's an option to pay a monthly fee for the MMO which will offer "extra value and convenience". Which is one of those phrases that doesn't really say anything helpful. Does this imply pay-to-win nonsense? Or is it just aesthetic bonuses? We've contacted Trion's PR to find out, but they're not saying until closer to launch. How pesky. But the SP campaigns coming with it seems like a huge tick.

They also reveal that there will be a Collector's Edition at retail, and a unique digital version too. Meanwhile, have a new trailer:

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