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Starting Spring: End Of Nations Beta

From Command and Conquer veterans Petroglyph, End of Nations is a multiplayer RTS that I managed to enjoy and, more importantly, in which I actually won a match. Admittedly, I was on a team partly made up of the people who designed the maps, units, balance and pathfinding, but the important thing is that a little box appeared on my screen informing me that I was a winner. I played my part. Ego dictates that I am now keen to take my skills into the beta to see how they hold up. A new trailer briefly explains the game's features and provides some detail of the release schedule.

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If you're left wanting to know more, direct your browser and eyes toward this interview in which I confess to being rubbish at RTS games to a man who makes RTS games. It's like the time I went to Pierre Fancifood's brand new fine dining establishment and loudly told everyone that I don't have a particularly delicate set of tastebuds while demanding ketchup and shovelling salt onto the suprême de canard rôti and its many-berry jus.

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