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Cargasm's Tech Is The Interesting Bit

I really cannot fathom what's going on with Cargasm. As we've said many times, the way it's being promoted is foul, with awful allusions toward gathering some sort of harem of scantily clad women and so forth. And we've also pointed out that its claims of "photo-realistic graphics" for its iOS version are, well, nonsense. But the biggest issue of all is despite some really impressive-looking screenshots, we've still yet to see the game actually show any driving. And that continues in the latest video, with yet more of what I'm pretty certain is an awkward, juddery fly-through in the level creator rather than actual in-game footage, which is clearly trying to look like a driver's view. However, I don't post it for Cargasm at all, really. Rather for the extremely interesting tech that's discussed coming from Near Global. It's well worth a look.

So this video begins with some boasts about how Cargasm will feature the most realistic depictions of real-world locations in any driving game ever. Accompanied by a crappy fly-through (cunningly at car height - and let's be frank, if it isn't a fly-through then the game's in more trouble than I'd first thought), we then see some of London depicted in near-black shadow. Just the worst lighting imaginable. It looks a mess. However, wait until that bit's over and the extremely shoddy video suddenly jumps to the desk of someone at Near Global, a middleware developer (as far I can tell) who are using laser-scanning to bring real-world locations into software. And their side of things looks absolutely brilliant. And it's for this tech, and the potential it clearly has, that I bring this to your attention:

Cover image for YouTube video

You can download the map of London from Near Global's site, and then explore it. It's astonishing, and makes Google's Street View look archaic. Although you'll need to significantly fiddle with the graphics settings to get the most out of it. And I've no idea why some buildings stay blank. But still, as a free test thingy, very interesting.

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