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Catch It Later: Skyrim DLC Delayed (Sort Of)

Bah. There's always something to grumble about. This time it's the not entirely unexpected news that Skyrim DLC will have at least 30 days timed exclusivity on them thar three hundred and sixties. Two pieces of DLC have been announced and this mini-delay is almost the sum total of what we know about them. We don't even know when they are released at all. It's a timed delay to announced but undated DLC for a game that comes out on November 11th. Words on the internet speak of their size as being "substantial" so maybe it's best that they don't arrive too soon. After all, the game itself is rumoured to be supersubstantial and we'll all need to get through that first. On the bright side, at least this means they are definitely confirmed for PC and we don't have to worry that we've been abandoned, even temporarily, as we were made to with New Vegas.

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