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Ooh Betty: Bethesda Forums Hacked Again

Just when you thought gaming websites getting hacked was soooooo last month, Bethesda have sent out an email to forum users warning them that it's happened to them all over again. The new email reports that the "potential" attack to their forums took place on Friday (12th) morning, and says that all forum passwords have been reset once more. No details of what happened are given, but the full email is below. (Admittedly this story broke yesterday, but I only received my email about it this afternoon.)

The last time Bethesda was attacked, it was the work of LulzSec, who then went on to release internal details and admin passwords, etc. It seems extremely unlikely it would be that lot this time, with the group having gone extremely quiet since the arrest of someone the police alleged to be at the helm. No group appears to have made claim to this breach, but if I were a betting man I'd put my money on it being some sort of "revenge" for the lawsuit made against Mojang. Here's the email:

Dear Bethesda Forum User,

We have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12. We have reset your forum password as a precaution, in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised.

When you next try to login to the forums, your old password will not work. Click the "I've forgotten my password link" underneath the login boxes, and follow the steps to setup a new password for your account.

We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites. Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well.

If you have any concerns, visit the following link:

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