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Wuh Oh: PlaySpan Got Hacked, World Of Tanks Affected

You're familiar with the routine by now. If you've got a World Of Tanks account and bought anything, to be sure change your password, and any passwords associated with it. And if you're still not using unique passwords per account, go change all the others too. PlaySpan, the software World Of Tanks uses for financial transactions in WoT and a thousand other games, has been compromised, with two million account details put online. That's usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. Credit card details are believed not to have been accessed, but obviously keep an eye on your bills.

Of the two million leaked accounts, PlaySpan told Polygon that 117,000 of them are active. But it means that anyone who's used the system in any game needs to go make sure they've cleared up after this. There's some confusion about exactly which portion of PlaySpan was compromised, and what exactly has been effected, but just be on the safe side., they behind World Of Tanks, issued a statement explaining that the PlaySpan Marketplace is separate from the VISA PlaySpan payment system, and it was only the former that was hacked. But they also make it clear that their own servers were not compromised in any way.

Currently PlaySpan have shut down their marketplace, and all accounts have been locked, to ensure no further naughty business can take place. That'll likely be the case until they've figured out how it happened to ensure it can't again.

Apparently a few other sites initially reported that EVE, Runescape and Guild Wars 2 were affected by the breach, but it has been made clear this isn't the case.

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