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Desktop Dungeons: The Fancy-Pants Version

Oh! How did I miss this? Well, I missed it because I'm tight as a badger's rear end and haven't preordered the full version of exceptionally clever mini-roguelike Desktop Dungeons as yet. The original game (now designated DD's 'alpha') was and remains free, but devs QCF Design are currently working on a massively tarted up and feature-boosted second version in Unity. A few of you will have briefly trialled a few elements of it in May, but now there's a chance to give even more of it a spin on a longer-term basis.

If you pre-order the game, which comes in $10 standard or $20 special edition flavours, you'll get access to nu-DD's closed beta. If you already pre-ordered, you should already have access - in which case this post contains nothing for you. NOTHING.

This beta comprises, in the devs' words, "a fully functional Kingdom manager, an actual quest progression system and a nice heap o’ content to get you started" - and will be updated with new stuff as and when they feel ready to release it. I need to get in on this, ASAP - especially now I've kicked my Realm of the Mad God and Dungeons of Dredmor habits.

If you haven't or won't pre-order, you're entirely welcome to stare at this login box for as long as you like, hoping a sudden fluctation in the space-time continuum will randomly let you into the game. It'd sure be an awful lot easier to pre-order though.

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