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The New Chess: Rooks Keep

Remember Battlechess? It was like chess, but... well it was chess, only the pieces duffed each other up for your amusement. The same sort of thing seems to be true of Rune Storm's Rooks Keep, which is based in the grand old game, but "where players battle using brutal, animated pieces in a gothic, fantasy themed setting. The blood, weapons and remains of the fallen litter the arena as players fight for glory in this barbaric take on Chess."

BARBARIC CHESS. You can see why this excites me, obviously. Any chess sequel is pretty exciting, but barbarism just seals the deal. It's not just chess, either. The game will apparently offer a number of turn-based battle modes of which chess is simply a variant. But can they best chess wit their new-fangled pawn manipulations? We'll find out soon. The Rune Storm team have sent over a new trailer, which is below.

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