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Anarchist Attorney: Murder Dog

Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog is Crime and Punishment as starring a homicidal, humanoid mutt who isn't at all interested in moral justification for his thousands of remorseless kills.

It's The Outsider, if Meursault actively enjoyed his act of murder (and was a dog).

It's a libertarian rebuke of the modern justice system (starring a dog).

It's a liberal treatise against the covert endorsement and use of violence by police (as made by a dog).

It's an existentialist discussion of the nature of morality (by a dog).

It's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but with a dog and graphics that ping-between hand-drawn and crude claymation.

It's the latest game from thecatamites, creators of the unrepentantly disturbing Space Funeral.

It's bewildering, infuriating, distressing, hilarious, smart, disingenuous, immoral, amoral, moral, passionate, laconic, satirical, serious, stupid and angry.

It's free and you should go play it.

Your dilemma: you are the titular Murder Dog. You have murdered thousands of people, and you enjoyed it. You are on trial for this. You are representing yourself for the defence. Knowing your crimes, do you seek to be punished for them, or to exploit legal and moral loopholes to escape penalty? You may decide.

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