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Creator Of Space Funeral Waves His New Magic Wand

Just like that

The terrible internet presence known as thecatamites, aka Stephen Gillmurphy, has released a new JRPG into the fathoms of the information superabyss. It is called Magic Wand [official site] and you can come and see what it is all about in this representative videographic sample. Those of you wishing to avoid a ruptured narrative should look away now and go straight to the dataload.

Watch on YouTube

No, I am afraid I do not understand either. But thecatamites is a frequent provider of humour, madness, confusion and ambivalence. He has given us the gift of leg horse in Space Funeral, and the criminal tales of the Murder Dog and Crime Zone. It is possible this game is also good.

But if you want a further glimpse of what Magic Wand is about (you are greedy) then I will let the creator speak for it.

“Categorically, it is a narrative JRPG. You walk around, there are doors and trees. You go here and you go there. There are fragments of plot relayed out of sequence but you do not care because the music and the colours. When the narrative peaks, you say "Good!" and then forget it. The years neglect this fertile country but the trees and doors still standing somewhere form a silent windless day.”

I am always frightened of writing about thecatamites games because they are slimy and do not enjoy being described. So I am thankful for this helpful categorization. The game is on and costs $5.50. And if you think that is too much you are a putrid leech.

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