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Serious Sam: Double D Is Gun Crazy

Not too long ago, John brought you words and pictures in an attempt to describe the madness of Serious Sam: Double D. Now, Mommy’s Best Games have sent an ambassador forth to describe things in his own words. And he has some footage for us all. It’s trailer time and I’d highly recommend having some tranquilisers on hand for when this one’s done.

Phew. It’s as if someone looked at the footage and thought it might seem somehow staid and, dare I say it, serious. So they threw in a wonderful, shouty madman to punctuate the images of cannon-chested-dinosaur-birds, flying-monkeys-with-axes-for-hands and baked-bean-men-on-pogo-sticks. I believe the flying-monkeys-with-axes-for-hands may actually be apes. And/or cyborgs.

I may not be able to explain those enemies but I do feel I have learned something about Sam himself. This is a man who doesn’t need a penthouse or a casino with a statue of himself slapbang in the middle of it. He doesn’t need hordes of fans to tell him how great he is and he certainly doesn’t feel the need to carry bits of poo around. He just needs guns. Lots and lots of them. And chainsaws. He’d also be happy if those guns stacked on top of one another in an improbable but altogether necessary fashion. And therefore that’s exactly what he gets.

The sheer insanity of it all really is quite appealing, and it can be yours August 30th from "digital PC game services like Steam and Get Games”. Haven't seen an official price in Blighty Pounds yet but eight American dollars should translate into something eminently affordable.

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