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PC's Arkham City Is Looking Definitive

Word flies in from all directions that the PC version of the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City is to be by far the definitive one. Details scavenged from October's PC Gamer (oh, magazines) reveal that it has been super-enhanced for various bits and bobs of tech that the consoles don't support. So of course there's 3D, for anyone mad enough to have bought a 3D monitor. But more excitingly, it's supporting DirectX 11 and PhysX. And other stuff too!

Fansite has a few quotes from the magazine. Bits the PC only version is getting include tessellation, fog, and... more loose trash in the streets! YES! I hate it when my gaming streets are all clean. But the unnamed PCG hack goes on to say, "holy crap, do the console textures look poor by comparison."

PhysX effects mean things will smash and explode more impressively, which in a game that's primarily about punching people through walls is extremely important. As the article goes on to note, "If you happen to be near a wall or rail, Batman transforms it into an instrument of justice by slamming a goon against it."

I'm so glad I was right about 2011 being the beginning of the PC's latest shine-time. At the end of each console generation it's inevitable that developers will want to make their games look as pretty as possible, and the PC is the only place where that can happen. 2012 could be the most amazing year for the PC in terms of leading the way. Ending with a splat as the next gen consoles appear and everything's equal again for about ten minutes.

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