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Eagle™! Team 17's Worms™: Crazy Golf

Back in 1937, a man called Andy Davidson came up with an idea. That idea was to copy a game called Artillery, but to put worms in it. He took that idea to the visionaries at Team 17, and from then on the world would never be the same again.

Since that day there have been over three hundred thousand games based on the Worms license, because when an idea is as fresh and original as Worms, it is imperative that it be repeated as close to infinitely as is humanly possible. And when you've got an idea as good as that in your locker, you never need think a new thought again. But that's not enough for some. Some strive to go further, to take perfection and refine it, reshape it, reinvent it. And so it is that Team 17 have announced Worms: Crazy Golf.

Admit it. Just on reading the title you were put in your place. Sometimes you cockily think to yourself, "I'm a smart person - I come up with good ideas all the time". Then you see someone thinking about taking that endlessly fresh Worms idea, and combining it with something so brilliant, so groundbreaking as crazy golf, and you hang your head in appropriate shame. There's no off position on the genius switch.

It is, we're informed, "a brazenly bonkers mixture of classic 2D Worms and hilarious eighteen-hole high jinks," and promises to be the craziest golf we'll ever play.

It will contain three "surreal" 18-hole golf courses, which will contain all sorts of wacky obstacles, and even the sheep that were in some of the other Worms games.

Due out later this year, it's appearing on Steam, as well as lots of mobile platforms and the PS3. Start preparing yourself now.

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