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Ice To See You: Arkham City's Mr Freeze

I have nothing but sympathy for poor old Mr Freeze and the comics writer who created him, Ian Cold. From Batman's already ludicrous rogue's gallery (Man-Bat! Calendar Man!), his star is surely the most fallen, thanks to the governor of California's chilling portrayal in the most nippletastic of all the Batman movies. How to make this pun-spewing pastiche remotely fearsome again? Well, give him a massive helmet, Terminator-esque body language, all manner of complicated-looking technology including some natty robot goggles and the sum total of zero one-liners: that's the Arkham City approach.

Victor Fries in his Rocksteady incarnation is clearly being pitched as an entirely serious character, and as this trailer suggests he's got Batman performing tasks for him, not as an out-and-out villain but as a dangerous psychopath obsessed with his frozen wife. And who wears a really, really big helmet.

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Yeah, sorry Victor. You're still a bit silly, even if you do have a scary robot voice now. You do look like you could cause our Brucie a whole lot of problems though, I'll give you that.

Now say "You're not sending ME to the COOLER!"

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