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The Typing Of The Braindead: Type Hard

I tried to look for a logical reason why typing strange and complicated words at angry Counter-Strike players at a LAN party would possibly calm them down, but then I remembered that Type Hard is based on The Typing of the Dead, a game which posits a world in which zombies can be killed with words. So it's probably best to just go with this one, and indeed to enjoy the fantasy that online trolls really can be talked into submission by smarter minds. Ah, if only.

More fruit from the fascinating, strange tree that was this year's Assembly Festival (which also brought us woodworking with a lightsaber), Type Hard is similarly technically accomplished and crazy as a bag of greasels. It does feature online leaderboards and bossfights, but there's otherwise not a lot more to it - nor does there need to be. Plus, the frantic bleepocalypse that is its soundtrack lends a certain sense of manic desperation that the more ambling TTOTD sometimes lacked. Does mean my startled, exhausted brain does now feel like I've just gone ten rounds in the mental gym with Professor X, however.

Type Hard placed third in Assembly 2011's game dev compo, and is the fruit of four students who've only been at this game-making lark for 18 months. Good work, those students.

Watch on YouTube

That doesn't really convey the outright, blinding, high-speed madness of the thing (nor does it entirely make sense to anyone who didn't attend Assembly), but it's all a lot more straightforward (relatively speaking) in practice: you can try it for yourself here.

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