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June 2016 Archive

    1. XCOM 2 Adds Robotic Buddies In Shen's Last Gift DLC
    2. Clinton And Trump Join The Ship's Murder Party
    3. Wot I Think: Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens
    4. Lick The Biomechanical Gristle Of FPS-Adventure Scorn
    5. Remembering Citadel: System Shock versus System Shock Reboot
    6. Steel Yourself: Hearts Of Iron IV's First Big Patch Out
    7. Have You Played... Microsoft Train Simulator?
    8. Smite: New God Erlang Shen Brings His Dog To Work
    9. Battle Royale 'Em Up: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    10. Sweet Khorne: Total Warhammer - Blood For The Blood God
    11. BioShock: The Collection Bringing Revamped Rapture
    12. My Type Of Game: Epistory - Typing Chronicles
    13. Boldly Going Into More Detail On Star Trek: Bridge Crew
    14. Children Of The ADOM: Vanilla Bagel - The Roguelike
    15. Press Play Folks Build New Studio, Vehicles In Pioneers
    1. IF Only: Hadean Lands Will Teach You Alchemy
    2. Blood Knights Ride To Total Warhammer Tomorrow
    3. Hands On: Shadow Warrior 2 Is Like First-Person Diablo
    5. Hot Pockets: Steam App Released For Windows Phone
    6. Experience Double Undeath In Over My Dead Body
    7. League Of Legends Patch 6.13: The Kench Sort Of Unbenched But Now Less Hench
    8. Have You Played... E.R. The Game?
    9. They See Me Scrollin': League Of Legends Reworks Ryze
    10. Road Redemption Crotch-Rocketing Out In October
    11. How To Make A New PC Feel Like Home
    12. EA To "Investigate" Potential FIFA Stats Glitch
    13. Oh My God(s): Dwarf Fortress's Creation Myths & Magic
    14. Overwatch's Competitive Mode Is Out Today
    15. Stealth And Stakes: Ten Minutes Of Slayer Shock
    16. GTA V Players Have Solved A Beastly Mystery
    17. Black Ops 3 DLC Includes Dragons Because Why Not?
    1. Bang! Doom Update Adding Centred Weapons Option
    2. The Merry End Of The World In Unforeseen Incidents
    3. Cardboard Children - The Doom That Came To Atlantic City
    4. System Shock Remake Kickstarter Is Live, Has A Demo
    5. Game Key Reseller G2A Offers Royalties To Developers
    6. Colour & Chaos: Exploring The Art And Mechanics Of Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War III
    7. Civilization VI Vid Introduces Queen Victoria's English Civ
    8. Puzzlebox 'Em Up The Room Two On PC Next Week
    9. Space Antics With Programmable Computers In 3001SQ
    10. Steam Top Ten: Everything Must Go
    11. Godus' Designer Has Left 22cans, No Time Frame For Release
    12. Have You Played... Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies?
    13. Riders of Icarus Is Like A Pokemon MMO But Also Not
    14. Mass Effect Novels To Bridge Gap Between Andromeda
    15. Our Steam Sale Picks, Round Two
    16. No Blue Plants: The Bluebells Of The Rapture
    17. Going Underground: The Division's First Expansion Out
    18. Investigating The Fingerguns Of Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure)
    19. Firewatch, Ford, And Copyright Infringement Online
    20. STASIS Gets Free, Prettier Semi-Sequel Cayne
    21. Sweet FA: Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens Launches Broken
    22. System Shock Reboot: 9 Minutes Of Looking At Hackers
    23. Mad Mars: The Technomancer Out Today
    1. Becoming Governor Is Hard When You're A Lobster-Man
    2. All Aboard! The Endless Express WIP Released Free
    3. How The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine’s Monster Design Shows How Far The Series Has Come
    4. Minecraft Movie Coming Out May 24th, 2019
    5. Enderal, A Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Due Next Month
    6. Wot I Think: Mighty No. 9
    7. Blast Off! Stellaris Launches Asimov Update
    8. Tilt Brush: A Closer Look At The Birds And The Trees
    9. The Last Leviathan: The Maiden Voyage of HMS Pip
    10. Home Is Where Your Hard Drives Are
    11. Spaceship RPG The Mandate Blasting Off In 2017
    12. simian.interface++ Is A Better Game Than It Is A Name
    13. Have You Played Vampire The Masquerade Redemption?
    14. First-Person Buffyer: Eldritch Devs Making Slayer Shock
    15. Order: New Chaos Reborn Mode Reduces Randomisation
    16. The RPG Scrollbars: Azeroth's Ragequit Referendum
    17. Reminder: Oleomingus Do Strange And Beautiful Work
    18. Settle For Less: Retro-Pixel Castles
    19. Street Fighter V: Balrog Arrives In Story Mode On Friday
    20. FIFA May Have Had A "Handicap Glitch" For Seven Years
    1. Guardians Of The Rose Is Zelda Meets The Elder Scrolls
    2. Dynasty Warriors Spin-Off Berserk's Trailer Gets Gibby
    3. Have You Played... Worms?
    4. Fatigue Demo Echoes Old School Isometric Horror
    1. Ship Builder The Last Leviathan Docks At Early Access
    2. Nuclear Throne Mod Adds Online Co-op
    3. Have You Played... Building Your Own PC?
    4. Titanosaurus Wreck: Ark Update Adds Dino & New Biome
    5. Free Loaders: Stop Bullets With The Power Of Prayer
    6. How I'd Change E3
    7. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. The Guild 3 Has Many Tiny Cyberpeople Judging You
    2. Oculus Removes DRM Blocking Rift Games On Vive
    3. Fingers Crossed! Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Rated
    4. Strafe Is A Loving Reinterpretation Of Nineties FPS Games
    5. Um, There's A New, Official Quake 1 Episode Out
    6. Location, Location, Location: A Subnautica Volcano Base
    7. Quake On Oculus Rift Is Magnificent
    8. Have You Played... Photobomb?
    9. Tadpole Treble: An Underwater Rhythm Scroller
    10. League Of Legends: What It's Like Working With Toxic Players
    11. The Foxer
    12. The Flare Path: Africa 2016
    13. Buy These Games: Our Picks From The Steam Sale
    14. Retro Horror Adventure Now Haunting PC: Dark Fear
    15. Thea: The Awakening Adds Co-op Multiplayer
    1. Hitting The Virtual Roads Of Euro And American Truck Simulator With Retired Truckers
    2. Mount & Blade II Has Gaming's Greatest Castles
    3. The 2016 Steam Summer Sale Has Started
    4. I Played A VR Game About Being Tortured By A Robot, Because I'm An Idiot
    5. Why Duelyst's Developers Think Going Free-To-Play Was The Right Move
    6. Bigger Skies: American Truck Simulator Being Scaled Up
    7. Sean Bean Narrates The Entire History Of A Civ VI Nation
    8. Thrill Of The Fight: The Banner Saga 2 Survival Mode Out
    9. Have You Played... Starship Titanic?
    10. Dead By Daylight Plans Parties, New Killers, New Maps
    11. Europa Universalis IV Gives Away Free Swedish Songs
    12. Quake Mods: Finding The Sweet Spot
    13. Blue Sky Thinking: The Environments Of Forza Horizon 3
    14. 8 Years On, New Sins Of A Solar Empire DLC
    15. Fight, Drink, Die, Repeat: Wasted
    16. RPS Asks: Are You A Game Leaver?
    17. Mordheim: City Of The Damned Adds Witch Hunters
    1. Cardboard Children - June Boardgame News
    2. Best Total War: Warhammer Mods
    3. Bleep Blop: Pac-Man 256 Now Endlessly Gobbling On PC
    4. Hotline Miami 2 Launches Level Editor, Goes On Sale
    5. Frags For The Memories: Quake Is Twenty Today
    6. Shovel Knight Shows Off Specter Knight's Free Campaign
    7. Wot I Think: ADR1FT
    8. Bodily Wanderings In Into The Belly Of The Beast
    9. Overwatch Ditches "Avoid This Player", That Widowmaker Guy Rejoices
    10. Human Fall Flat Bringing Its Silly Physics Fun To July
    11. Have You Played... Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe?
    12. Criterion's Xtreme Racing Game Beyond Cars Scrapped
    13. Fantastic Contraption: Why A Cat Is 100 Times Better
    14. Digital Memories: I Found My Dad's Skyrim Saves
    15. Flip The Board: Tabletop Simulator Adds Vive Support
    16. This Seinfeld Doom 2 Mod Is A .Wad About Nothing
    17. CrossCode's Update Expands On Its Best Part: The Story
    18. Fable Card Game Cancels Kickstarter, Finds New Funding
    1. Totally Mega, Man: Mighty No. 9 Released
    2. Weakest Rainbow Six Siege Operators Get Buffed
    3. Sonic The Hedgehog's Humble Birthday Blowout Bundle
    4. Drone-Mapped Action-RPG ReRoll Is Cancelled
    5. Wot I Think: 35MM
    6. Resident Evil Multiplayer Spin-Off Umbrella Corps Is Out
    7. Martial Arts Sim Absolver Was One Of E3's Best Games
    8. Fallout 4's Contraptions Workshop DLC Released
    9. Trial And Terror: Limbo Free Today & Tomorrow
    10. Wot I Think: VA-11 Hall-A
    11. Wot I Think: Breached
    12. Not Our One: Unity Shows Off Cinematic Demo Adam
    13. Have You Played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodines?
    14. Food And Drink Incidents From Press Trips
    15. Hurt Me Plenty: Doom Demo Available For A Bit Longer
    16. Steam Charts: Killer Hits
    17. Watch Hollow Knight's Beautiful Beneath And Beyond Trailer
    18. Smite World Championship 2017 Dates, Paladins Invitational, Spiralized Potatoes
    19. Space Marines Invade Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Today
    20. The Temple Of No Is A Free, Funny Game From Co-Creator Of The Stanley Parable
    21. Epic Games Sues Creator Of "Powerful" Paragon Hack
    22. Map Modes, Nomads & Wargoals: Stellaris Patch
    1. Offworld Trading Company Launches Map Editor DLC
    2. The Old Web Lives On In Newsletters
    3. Premature Evaluation: Parkitect
    4. Wot I Think: Crea
    5. Mass Effect Andromeda Isn't Bound By The End Of ME 3
    6. Civilization VI Trailer Demonstrates Unstacked Cities
    7. Great Outdoors: Hands On With Ghost Recon Wildlands
    8. EVE: Valkyrie Gets A Death Star-Esque Trench Run Mode
    9. DoD-y Day Of Infamy Goes Commercial With Valve's Help
    10. Have You Played... Hitman: Codename 47?
    11. Overwatch Competitive Mode: Jeff Kaplan Talks Changes, Rewards And MMR
    12. As Ever: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is "Still On The Way"
    13. The RPG Scrollbars: Seeking Mr Eaten's Name
    14. PlanetSide 1 And Legends Of Norrath To Close Down
    15. Gorgeous Downhill Biking Game Animations
    16. Dota 2: Who's Scored A Direct Invite To TI6?
    1. Watch Half An Hour Of Double Fine's Headlander
    2. Have You Played... Dystopia?
    3. The Reason Why Allison Road Was Cancelled, Kinda, Ish
    1. Space-Honk Space-Honkkk! Space Run Galaxy Released
    2. Have You Played... NeoTokyo?
    3. Dreamfall Chapters Closed, The Longest Journey Ended
    4. Free Loaders: This Desktop Is Under Investigation
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. The Secret Behind Invisible, Inc. Is Giving You Loads Of Information
    2. League Of Legends: Whalen Rozelle On How To Build A Fandom's Connective Tissue
    3. PS VR vs PC VR, And Why It All Depends On Sony
    4. The Witcher 3 Is A Folklore RPG, Not A Fantasy RPG
    5. Have You Played...SOMA?
    6. Why Are Most Videogame Characters Total Dicks?
    7. Blizzard's Authenticator Goes One-Button
    8. The Foxer
    9. The Flare Path: Welcomes Combative Commenters Again
    10. Layers Of Fear Devs Reveal Cyberpunk Horror Observer
    11. Feast Your Fangs On Vampyr's First Footage
    12. Killing Floor: Incursion VR Announced For Oculus Touch
    13. Farming Simulator 17 Sells A Dream
    14. Supplémentaire: France Heading To Battlefield 1 As DLC
    1. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Free On Uplay
    2. Intel's New Uber CPU And The Future Of PC Gaming
    3. Robert Yang's Gay Hunks Arrive On Steam In Radiator 2
    4. Hype Hopes: Look Forward To These Indie Games
    5. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War 3 Shows First Action
    6. My Games Workshop Relapse Part 2: Wraithing My Time
    7. Three Short Reviews Of Three Games About Pugs
    8. Steam Summer Sale Starts Next Week, Say PayPal
    9. Duelling Snipers: Ghost Warrior 3 & Sniper Elite 4 Dates
    10. Have You Played...Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen?
    11. F1 2016 Nyyyyyyyommming By On August 19th
    12. FREE 3: Our Final Batch Of Games To Tide You Over
    13. Mirage: Arcane Warfare Trailer Brings Bird Butt Attacks
    14. Giant Cop's E3 Trailer Depicts Long VR Arm Of The Law
    15. The Winking Owl Of The Elder Scrolls: Legends
    16. Not Saints Row: See Volition's Agents Of Mayhem
    1. Vee Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Serious Sam VR Announced
    2. Battleborn Adds Cosmetic Microtransactions Tomorrow
    3. IF Only: Text Adventures For People Who Hate Guessing The Verb
    4. Superhot Mega-Stunts In Tick Tock Bang Bang
    5. Cardboard Children - Sun Tzu
    6. Did You Catch Dishonored 2's E3 Gameplay Footage?
    7. Gwent Is Glorious, Will Contain Solo RPG Mode
    8. Warframe Getting SPORTSBALL Mode With Lunaro
    9. First-Person Puzzling On Jupiter's Moon: The Turing Test
    10. Block Party: LEGO Worlds Adds Online Multiplayer
    11. Hype Check: Debunking E3's Marketing
    12. Ark Adds Dino Big Enough To Carry A Fortress, Also Poo Flinging Monkeys
    13. Arma 3's Apex Expansion Visiting New Land On July 11th
    14. Have You Played... Defcon?
    15. Wot I Think: Captain Forever Remix
    16. Here's Six Minutes Of CoD: Infinite Warfare's Campaign
    17. A Short Photo Story
    18. FIFA 17 Adds Story Mode With Alex Hunter's Journey
    19. FREE 3: More Games To Keep You Going
    20. McCree, Widowmaker Nerfed In Overwatch Patch
    21. Get On The Floor! Just Dance Makes PC Debut This Year
    22. Dual Universe Drops First Footage, Alpha Due Early 2017
    23. The First Five Minutes Of We Happy Few Look Great
    1. Ding Dongle! Xbox Controller Finally Adding Bluetooth
    2. The Indie Devs You Won't Hear About At E3
    3. The Division's Underground DLC Coming On The 28th
    4. Comcept & Armature's ReCore Coming In September
    5. Where It's Wetter: ABZÛ's New Trailer Splashes Down
    6. Our favourite PC games of 2016 so far
    7. Phoenix Point: Every Detail Of The X-COM Creator's Return To The Genre
    8. E3 And Orlando, Gaming And Tragedy
    9. Wot I Think: Trials Of The Blood Dragon
    10. Ubi's For Honor Out Valentine's Day, Gets Pair Of Trailers
    11. Have You Played...Chroma Squad?
    12. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Shows Off Siege Gameplay
    13. Kojima Productions Announce Death Stranding
    14. Morphies Law: An FPS Where You Shoot To Grow In Size
    15. Resident Evil 7 Goes First-Person, Out January 2017
    16. E3 2016: All The News, Games, Trailers And Videos
    17. FREE 3: Play These Games While You Wait
    18. Inside, From Limbo Devs, Is Coming On July 7th
    19. Steam Top Ten: War, Warhammer, Woutubers
    20. Sea Of Thieves Showcases Chaotic High Seas Action
    21. Look, Both Hands: Superhot VR Gets Gameplay Trailer
    22. Learn To Spell: Mages Of Mystralia Trailer
    23. Grow Up: Sequel To Grow Home Coming In August
    24. Oxygen Not Included: Colony Sim From Don't Starve Devs
    25. Mob Time: Come See 20 Minutes Of Mafia 3 In Action
    1. Trials Of The Blood Dragon Announced, Then Released
    2. Watch Dogs 2's E3 Gameplay Trailer Is Good Silly Fun
    3. Ubi's Steep Wingsuiting, Skiing Etc. To December
    4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole Due In December
    5. Ubi's Star Trek: Bridge Crew Manning Stations In VR
    6. Ghost Recon Wildlands' Sandbox Action Due March 2017
    7. Biff! Bam! Tekken 7 Coming To PC In 2017
    8. Obsidian Show Off New RPG Tyranny In E3 Trailer
    9. State Of Decay 2 Announced, Adding Co-op
    10. Bayonetta Devs Platinum Bringing Scalebound To PC
    11. The Creative Assembly's Halo Wars 2 Due In Feb 2017
    12. Grrg Argg Gurg: Dead Rising 4 Announced For Win 10
    13. Sol Searching: Being A Galactic Robot Dad In Stellaris
    14. The Witcher 3's Gwent Card Game Going F2P Standalone
    15. Forza Horizon 3 Announced, Coming To Windows 10
    16. Gears Of War 4 Coming To Windows 10
    17. Finally, A Videogame About A Guy Who Looks Like Me
    18. Bethesda Announce VR Treatment For Fallout 4 & Doom
    19. Survival Games Versus Pottering About
    20. Man Vs. Murderbot In Hitman Summer Bonus Episode
    21. Have You Played... Cosmic Spacehead?
    22. Payday 2 Biker DLC Introducing Playable Ron Perlman
    23. That's So Raven: Heroes Of The Storm Adding Medivh
    24. The RPG Scrollbars: Breaking The Superhero Curse
    25. Dota 2 Manila Major: Highlights And Must-See Matches!
    26. Next Dynasty Warriors Spin-Off Based On Berserk Manga
    27. Walking Dead Season 3 Gets New Trailer & Character
    28. Bethesda Teased A New Wolfenstein Game During E3
    29. League Of Legends: Riot Versus Employee Toxicity
    30. DOOM's Time-Limited Demo Is A Mockery Of Shareware
    31. Skyrim Special Edition: Free To Owners Of Original
    32. Quake Champions Announced: PC Only, Multiplayer Arena Combat
    33. Arkane Announce Prey: Immersive Horror Sim
    34. Fallout Shelter Coming To PC & Shelter Construction Coming To Fallout 4
    35. Twisting Time And Space: Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer
    1. Battlefield 1 Shows Off 64-Player Gameplay
    2. EA Originals Program Starts With Lovely-Looking Fe
    3. Star Wars-O-Rama: Battlefront 2 And Beyond
    4. Mass Effect Andromeda E3 Trailer Shows New Galaxy
    5. Titanfall 2 Shows Off Singleplayer, Grappling Hooks
    6. Bonk! Bang-eth! Telltale's Batman Starts This Summer
    7. White Blood Cell Winner: Systematic Immunity
    8. Have You Played... Sym?
    9. The Sunday Papers
    10. E3 Day Zero: EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda And More
    11. Grab Yer Game Boy In Puzzler Warlock's Tower Demo
    1. Some Racket: Mafia 3 Trailer Explores Criminal Ecology
    2. Have You Played... Sly Spy?
    3. Valve Launch Free VR Place Creation Tool
    4. Free Loaders: The Calm Before The Storm
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    6. Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams Hits Crowdfunding Goal
    1. Things Adventure Games Lied To Me About Part 27: Crowbars
    2. Autocomplete This: Guess What Everyone's Googling
    3. Slowing The Conversation: Concrete Jungle
    4. Dreamfall Chapters Ending Longest Journey Next Week
    5. Impressions: Sherlock Holmes - The Devil's Daughter
    6. Star Wars Battlefront Visiting Cloud City This Month
    7. Have You Played...The Wolf Among Us?
    8. The Division Now Permabans Cheaters On First Offence
    9. Funcom's Conan Exiles Shows First Survival Gameplay
    10. The Foxer
    11. The Flare Path: Ferrets
    12. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Celebrates Euro 2016 With Flags
    13. Runneth Over: Cuphead Is Now A Full Platformer
    14. Torment: Tides of Numenera Delayed Till 2017
    15. Street Fighter V Story Mode Arrives End Of June
    16. Wot I Think: Mirror's Edge Catalyst
    1. A Lament For The LAN Party
    2. Vanilla WoW Dreams: Blizzard Met Nostalrius
    3. House Of The Dying Sun May Be The Space Game You're Looking For
    4. How to Counter Every Hero in Overwatch
    5. Have You Played...Tera?
    6. Gooaal! Cities: Skylines Adds Free Football Stadium DLC
    7. Minecraft 1.10 Adds Polar Bears, New Technical Blocks
    8. Videoball's Final Trailer Heralds July 12th Release
    9. Deus Ex's Breach Mode Enlists NeoTokyo Composer
    10. Raised By Sprues: My Games Workshop Relapse, Part 1
    11. Life Is Strange Mod Gives Max An Emo Makeover
    12. Bright Lights And Bullets: Tokyo 42
    13. Dota 2: Manila Major Succeeding Where Shanghai Failed
    14. Hitman's Third Elusive Target Now Live
    15. Cloneball strategy guide
    1. Premature Evaluation: Meridian - Squad 22
    2. Train To The End Of The World: The Final Station Beta
    3. Hack The Planet: Watch Dogs 2 Coming November 15th
    4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Transhuman Future Feels Too Cautious For Comfort
    5. Rumour: The Witcher's Gwent Becomes Own Game
    6. The Gun Show: CS:GO Skins Go 70s, 80s Sci-Fi
    7. Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Gameplay Footage, New Project Reveals From 4.30pm
    8. Have You Played... Pushover?
    9. Look At You, Buyer: System Shock 2 Free In GOG Summer Sale
    10. Minecraft: Story Mode Welcomes Celebrity YouTubers
    11. E3 2016 Press Conference Streams: What, When, And Where To Watch
    12. Dangerous Golf Feels Like An Early Access Game Not A Finished Product
    13. MMO Shards Online Brings New Ideas to the Genre
    14. Rainbow Six Siege Permabans For First Offence Cheaters
    15. Final Fantasy XIV's Revenge Of The Horde Update is Live
    16. Space Combat Sim House Of The Dying Sun Out Now
    17. Night-Mayor: Jeklynn Heights Hits Early Access
    18. Counter Striker: Rocket League Gets CS:GO-esque Loot
    1. Battlefield 1 Devs Talk Weapon Changes
    2. Cardboard Children - Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower 3
    3. The RPS Verdict: DOOM
    4. Democracy 3 Going Electioneering In Next Expansion
    5. Homeworld Remastered Update 2.0 Blasts Off
    6. Wot I Think: SteamWorld Heist
    7. Have You Played…Outlast?
    8. Blizzard: WoW, Overwatch, HotS And More Getting Facebook Login And Livestream Options
    9. Cardboard Collection: Pip's UK Games Expo Haul
    10. Diablo III Director Jay Wilson Leaving Blizzard & Games
    11. Appliance Of Science: Valve Adds Global Leaderboards To VR Playground, The Lab
    12. Steam Charts: Further Adventures In Firearms & Fantasy
    13. Eador: Imperium Is Now Available on Early Access
    14. Perfectly Spherical Balls: Fifa 17 Moves To Frostbite
    15. Pimp Your Space Ride With Galactic Civilization 3 DLC
    16. Spooky Adventure Oxenfree Gets New Game Plus Mode
    1. Witness The Witness Remade In 8-Bitness
    2. A Bright Future: The Long Road To TimeSplitters Rewind
    3. Mega Total War To The Max: Hearts of Iron IV Released
    4. Runescape Marks Anniversary Of 6/6/6 Glitchy Massacre
    5. RPS Verdict: Overwatch
    6. Watch Dogs 2 Announcement Announced, Teaser Teased
    7. Saints Row Devs Announce Agents Of Mayhem
    8. Honnnk! American Truck Simulator Adds Arizona
    9. Retroh No! Yooka-Laylee Delayed Into 2017
    10. Have You Played... Red Faction: Armageddon?
    11. Zeboyd's Cosmic Star Heroine Blasting Off In Summer
    12. WoW Wants To Wow You With Legion's Draw Distance
    13. The RPG Scrollbars: Rise Of The MOBA Heroes
    14. Dead End: Suburban Horror Game Allison Road Cancelled
    15. Apocalyptic Incursions: Frozen Synapse 2 Dev Video
    16. Alas, Poor Yorick! I Knew Him, Ho-Riot-io
    17. VA-11 Hall-A's Cyberpunk Bartending Lands June 21st
    1. ZeGame Is A Neat Tile-Based Puzzler With A Free Demo
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Make Mates With Silent Movies: Projector Face
    2. Have You Played... Isle Of The Dead?
    3. Free Loaders: Welcome To The Monster Museum
    4. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. What Makes Kentucky Route Zero's Dialogue So Good?
    2. Ridealong: The Filmmaker of Grand Theft Auto V
    3. Gravity Gunner Nebula Plants Both Feet In Early Access
    4. Wot I Think: Brigador
    5. Kenji Eno's Horror Cult Classic D Makes Digital Debut
    6. Top Loader: GTA Online's Next Expansion Out Next Week
    7. Have You Played... Strife?
    8. Rainbow Six Siege Gets Discounted Starter Edition
    9. Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder Rolls Out This Year
    10. The Foxer
    11. The Flare Path: Exit Rows And Brexit Rows
    12. Destructo-Sport: Dangerous Golf Out, Requires Xbox Pad
    13. Make Space Green Again: Stellaris Mod Adds Kerbal
    14. Raconteuring Rabbit Men: Blackwood Crossing Revealed
    1. AMD’s New $200/£175 VR-Friendly Gaming Graphics
    2. There Is Only War: Playing Total Warhammer As The Chaos Warriors
    3. Hippocratic Oaf: Surgeon Simulator Tackles Trump
    4. Unboxing The Early Access Version Of Youtubers Life
    5. Turn-Based Robot Wars: SteamWorld Heist Out June 7th
    6. Have You Played... HeXen: Beyond Heretic?
    7. Pilot Mechs In Brigador's Chill Cityscape, Out Now
    8. Games vs Sleep
    9. Failbetter Fund Five "Small Narrative Games"
    10. Archaica: The Path Of Light - Pretty Laser Puzzling
    11. Hearthstone Hunter guide: Standard decks, Wild decks and Arena
    12. Lift Off: Stellaris Rolls Out First Major Update 1.1
    13. Assassin's Creed Collection: When Figurine Partwork Magazines Attack
    14. Fireflies: This War Of Mine - The Little Ones
    15. Downwell Creator On Designing The Gunboots
    16. Filthy Lucre Is Top-Down Stealth Meets Snatch
    1. Wot I Think: Hitman Episode 3 - Marrakesh
    2. Yes We Khan: My Rise And Fall In Mount & Blade
    3. Dota 2 Manila Major: What You Need To Know
    4. Superhot VR Will Be Oculus Exclusive, First DLC Free
    5. Have You Played... Technobabylon?
    6. GOG Connect: Add Steam Games To Your GOG Library
    7. More Gamification Please
    8. Overwatch Devs Working On Video Clip Exporting For Highhlights, Pondering D.Va And McCree Tweaks
    9. Kerbal Space Program Lead Dev Quits For Planets New
    10. Flock Lets Loose A Fleet Of Pretty Planes
    11. Ad Block: Minecraft Forbids "Building Promotions"
    12. The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Dark Brotherhood DLC
    13. Her Story, Read Only Memories & Cibele For $1 In Humble Narrative Bundle
    14. ELEX: Trailer & Details On Risen Dev's New Action RPG
    15. Sol Trader is Elite vs Dwarf Fortress; Out Next Week