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Minecraft: Story Mode Welcomes Celebrity YouTubers

Send in the young people!

Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode [official site] has brought in a load of famous YouTube people for its latest episode, which seems like something they should've done from the start. Growed-ups might coo over the sardonic comedy stylings of Patton Oswalt (I've enjoyed him in Lady Dynamite lately - good innit?) but kids would much rather adventure with Stampy Cat. Now they can meet him, and other beloved youngfolk with children's TV presenter voices, in Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery.

Released yesterday, Episode 6 sees the original Minecraft: Story Mode gang meeting a load of famous adventurers as they shelter in a spooky mansion where dastardly deeds are afoot. Those adventurers are YouTubers, of course: Captain Sparklez, Stampy Cat, LDShadowLady, StacyPlays, and DanTDM. That's a combined subscriber count of over 30 million. I'll be sorely disappointed if the villain isn't scheming to steal their subs.

Look at them, being all young:

Minecraft may not have much of a story itself but it hosts a squillion. My wee cousins are held rapt by Minecraft YouTubers, treating them like we did cartoons back in the day. These people are stars of their own shows with their own adventures. Drafting some of them for Minecraft: Story Mode seems only natural.

A Portal to Mystery is the first of the three "post-season episodes". These aren't part of the original season pass, which only covered the first five episodes. The new Adventure Pass costs £10.99/10,99€/$14.99 on Steam and GOG for all three, or episodes are $5 each. Folks will need to own at least Episode 1 to buy these new ones, mind.

Nah, I'm more excited by Paul Reubens myself.

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