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Bang! Doom Update Adding Centred Weapons Option

Blasting it '90s-style

The new Doom [official site] already does a fine job of bringing some of that old '90s feel to modern days, them lot will tell you, but id Software are adding something very old-school. An update arriving this week will add the option to have your fella hold his weapons right in the middle of the screen, just as space marines did back in the day. Oh, the update will also add a 'Photo Mode' to help folks take nice holiday snaps.

Centred weapons are such a silly small option that I'm glad id have added it. Its absence was hardly game-ruining but, y'know, it's nice to have. More for the idea of it existing, the idea that they'd add it mostly back for giggles but also to please three really serious people, than because I'd use it. Thanks, id!

As for Photo Mode, that is a nice one. Details are very thin on quite what it'll do, but presumably it'll let folks switch to a free camera mode to pick shots? That's what Photo Modes tend to do. I'm very glad to see more those options in more games (it is a shame that Nvidia's cross-game Ansel will be only for Nvidia cards).

The update is due on Thursday, June 30th. Check the patch notes to see the fixes and tweaks also coming in that patch.

If you've not leapt to your Doom yet, a 40% discount in the Steam summer sale brings it down to £23.99/35,99€/$35.99. Oh hey, and it looks like the demo's still available there after Bethesda extended it (as if the idea of a Doom trial being available for only a limited time was ever not the silliest idea).

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