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Hurt Me Plenty: Doom Demo Available For A Bit Longer

Still a great game

If you haven't played the Doom [official site] demo yet, good news: you now have more time to play id Software's cracking new demon-busting FPS. If you didn't know it had a demo and don't know why I'm talking about a demo for a ruddy flipping id Software game as they've gone from shareware to elven magicks only visible in moonlight, weird news: Bethesda launched the demo during the hustle and bustle of E3, originally planning to take it down after one week. I know! Wasn't that silly? It still is but hey, at least it's silly for a while longer.

"Due to popular demand, we're extending the Doom Demo!" Bethesda said on Twitter. Asked what "extending" means, they responded "This was initially for E3 week only. But we figured, what the hell." So, uh, it's extended for an indeterminate time?

The demo contains the first campaign level from the new Doom, which we've said several times is pretty ace all right (well, multiplayer is a bit disappointing).

If you fancy a crack, head on over to Steam and look for the "Download Demo" button in a side bar. Play now before it vanishes (how silly!) leaving a sulphurous stench and a pentagram seared into the side of your PC.

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