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Mega Total War To The Max: Hearts of Iron IV Released

Serious war for serious players

Paradox today released Hearts of Iron IV [official site], the latest in their awfully serious grand strategy series. It's a World War II game, sure, but it's unlikely to play out the way you've seen in so many games before. As is the grand strategy way, Hearts of Iron IV puts players in command of any nation in the world, rewriting history as they try to survive the turbulent time - and onwards. Yeah, good luck pal.

Playing as any nation, you can start in 1936 and prepare for the coming storm or launch right into it in 1939. What might've happened if Brazil had been preparing for total war since 1936? Dunno! Formed an alliance to take down the USA and build The Bomb? Heck if I know. Give it a go then tell me.

It's... ah jeez, I'll turn you over to Adam and his impressions of a preview build he played last year. War. Serious war. Very serious.

In their twin traditions of being friendly and releasing bumloads of DLC, Paradox have released a small bit of DLC for free to all players. Poland: United and Ready makes the Polish side less generic, giving them real historical plans and interests along with unique names and art for some historical leaders and units. What would've happened if Poland had pulled off its Intermarium plan to form a federation of countries between the Baltic, Black Sea, and Mediterranean? See for yourself.

Hearts of Iron IV is out now on Windows, Mac, and Linux for £34.99/39,99€/$39.99. It's on Steam, the Humble Store, and whatnot. For players new to all this, Paradox have a short series of video tutorials. For people who like dramatic music, the launch trailer:

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