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Mass Effect Andromeda E3 Trailer Shows New Galaxy

Oooh that's nice!

Oh sure, Mass Effect's Mako is a janky little crapmobile, but isn't pootling around alien planets still delightful? I really dug that. So yes, absolutely I'm happy to see a wee bit of the new Mako in EA's E3 2016 trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda [official site]. It's a teaser-y thing with hints at grand scope, a few snippets of gameplay, and looks at 3D models pulling funny faces in editor, but ooh get a load of that zippy new Mako:

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That's quite nice, isn't it? I like some of the giant objects in the stars, vast planets hanging over the horizon, and strange huge creatures flapping about. A sense of scale is a wonderful thing for space games and I'll be happy to see more of it in Mass Effect. Andromeda's built on the Frostbite engine, as now seen in everything from Battlefield to Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which certainly can do fanciness.

Mass Effect Andromeda, to remind you, is leaving behind known space and blasting off into the Andromeda galaxy for new adventures with new characters, races, and villains. It's broadly slated to come out in "early 2017".

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