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Grab Yer Game Boy In Puzzler Warlock's Tower Demo

Don't shoot the messenger

Game Boy? As in, that ancient blocky backlight-less 90s handheld here on the coveted pages of RPS' House-O-PCs? Well, not exactly. But sort of. Warlock's Tower [official site] is a tricky little movement-oriented puzzle game that sees your every move result in the loss of a single life, and in a world brimming with retro-inspired pixel-perfect adventures, this 'un dons a Game Boy-styled monotone guise. Its challenges are far more complex than first meets the eye, though. Drop below for a trailer and a demo.

What a round our mailman protagonist Tim has. I mean, I bet he'd kill for a three-up delivery or an angry hand-biting rottweiler chasing him down the road. Instead, he's been kidnapped by an evil warlock - named Evil Warlock, funnily enough - and is trapped within its "world-destroying" headquarters. Only by presenting his captor with a peace offering can he hope to escape, and he can only hope to do that be ascending this cursed tower.

Thing is, the tower's curse drains slivers of his health with every move he makes. Magic gems restore vitality to varying degrees, but monsters and traps and blood-thirsty zombies make survival harder still. Having just landed on Greenlight, Warlock's Tower looks a little something like this:

Watch on YouTube

While levels start out fairly straightforward, Warlock's Tower quickly develops into a deep and challenging puzzler. As it stands, it's comprised of five different worlds, each with its own theme; over a century of stages full of the aforementioned baddies, not mention the standard load of keys, levers, gates, push jars etc.; has co-op (with supporting character Jess) and joystick support; and offers in-game tips by way of "very cheesy, pseudo-limericks."

If you fancy any of that, you can vote for Warlock's Tower on Steam Greenlight this-a-way. If you need more convincing, check out its free demo on Itch.

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