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Investigating The Fingerguns Of Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure)

Mysterious girl

It should perhaps tell you something about me that in order to install Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) I had to first remove the Murder, She Wrote DVD from the disc drive.

I suppose I am what you might call "the target audience".

I should also explain that I have actually played Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) before, but I played it with my sister so this time around I get to be Jessica Fletcher.

I have also named my character JessicaFletcher. You probably wish you could be this cool.

But is Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) any good?

I am one case in (there are five) and, I will be honest with you, I am not in a position to be giving an unbiased review. The detective bits hinge around circumstantial evidence and leaps of logic, the hidden object side of things is not the best I've seen, the minigames imply that Cabot Cove is populated by puzzle-box loving weirdos, and the artwork is frankly hideous.

I love it. Obviously.

I mean, some of the plot developments come solely from the fact someone has the same rubber bands on the claws of a lobster as there are on another lobster. Also a criminal from yesteryear went undetected for like YEARS despite close ties to their partner in crime who was identified and arrested. Cabot Cove's police department needs to up the standards of its performance reviews, basically.

But if you did want to play it I don't want to spoil it, so instead I will share with you the magical artwork where Sheriff Mort Metzger is using his finger guns instead of his actual gun:

And this is his thinky face:

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