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Killing Floor: Incursion VR Announced For Oculus Touch

Floor killers

Killing Floor bills itself as "survival horror" but it's not really. Don't get me wrong, it and its sequel Killing Floor 2 are great wave survival FPSs - with their onslaught of Zeds, waves of chainsaw-wielding monstrosities, and the positively formidable Patriarch - but jump scares and the blind panic levied by running out of ammo doesn't exactly constitute horror, does it?

Killing Floor: Incursion [official site], the "intense" co-op VR shooter announced this week by developers Tripwire, on the other hand, looks bloody terrifying! Take a peak below, I dare you.

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Hmmm you're tougher than I thought, dear reader. I can't decide if its the creepier-looking monsters that shook me most about that up there, or the harrowing thought of shutting out reality and willingly plunging myself into that house of horrors. In any event, Incursion is being made for the Oculus Touch and sees players assuming control of elite Horzine Security Forces soldiers, before battling their way through farmhouses, "high tech facilities", and other zombie-plagued locations in a bid to uncover the origin of the ZEDs. I think I'd rather not know, to be brutally honest.

No release date for Killing Floor: Incursion just yet.

The new 'Bullseye' update for Killing Floor 2, however, is out now and adds a new female character named Rae Higgins; the Sharpshooter perk class; two maps - Hostile Grounds and Containment Station; and your standard haul of bug fixes.

Killing Floor 2 is free to try this weekend on Steam as well, and on sale too.

Full patch notes can be found in this direction, and this here is a trailer for the update:

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