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Homeworld Remastered Update 2.0 Blasts Off

Now even fancier

Alec was jolly pleased with the Homeworld Remastered Collection [official site], revisiting Relic's spaceship real-time strategy classics after Gearbox spruced them up. Now they've even fancier, as the promised mega-patch has arrived with everything from improved fleet formations to proper ballistic weapons.

The Collection has also now arrived on GOG, for those who prefer their games DRM-free, with a hefty discount t'boot.

The full patch notes for version 2.0 are over here and they start with a minor doozy: in-mission saves are not compatible, but campaign progress is saved so you'll simply need to restart any missions in progress. And hey, this means the notes are all uphill from there.

You'll find changes like a huge rebalancing, improved formations, bug fixes, performance improvements, new things for modders to fiddle with, and... so very much more. If you're a Homeworld fan - which you likely are, if you're still playing and reading about it - get proper stuck in to see all that's new.

This update comes over seven months since the last one. Fists of Heaven had a good chat with Gearbox about its development, if you're curious about what they've been up to.

And hey, now it's on GOG! It's half-price there right now, down to £13.49. No, it's still the usual price on Steam.

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