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Homeworld 3 is coming, and it's crowdfunding now

It. Is. Happening.

After almost 16 years, oh me oh my Homeworld 3 is finally happening. Gearbox Publishing today announced the spacefleet RTS will blast off again a full-on sequel. Homeworld 3 is being made by Blackbird Interactive, a studio who were founded by some of the folks who made the original Homeworld at Relic Entertainment then brought the series back with the recent spin-off Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak. And it's crowdfunding. Now. Already. The actual release is yet a long, long way away.

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Started by Relic in 1999, followed by an expandalone, then ended with a sequel in 2003, Homeworld is a real-time strategy series focused on a persistent flotilla of spaceships. Ships carry over between levels, the flotilla growing and shrinking along the way, which is still seems a real novel idea to me. Or that's how Homeworld has worked so far. And presumably will still?

"Homeworld 3 is the last word in epic space combat," according to Blackbird CEO Rob Cunningham, who was also the art director of the original Homeworld games. "It will capture the mood and tone of Homeworld and deliver it in an exactly expected and juicy, lovely way. There will be an extension of the story that’s totally satisfying with some interesting twists and turns, and locations that I think will blow some minds and resonate with existing fans and new fans alike."

The crowdfunding campaign on Fig will run for 30 days with a goal of only $1, so basically they're looking for as much money as people will throw at it. I'm guessing quite a lot? Presumably Gearbox Publishing will help make up the rest, especially considering they own Homeworld these days.

Fig being a weird thing, people who are suitably reputable and wealthy can actually invest in Homeworld 3 to potentially receive dividends. Regular fans putting in money can just get the game and a load of promo stuff. Ah, to be an investor...!

Gearbox say that Homeworld 3 is "in its early stages with only a few months into pre-production." We still have a long wait ahead. All they have to show so far is some concept art. I do half-wish the game did look like that concept art.

If your response is more "Homewhat?" then "HOMEWORLD???!?!" hey, Gearbox's recent Homeworld Remastered Collection has an 85% discount bringing it to £4.04/€4.79/$5.24 on Steam until Tuesday.

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