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Homeworld 3 expected release date, gameplay, and everything we know

Learn more about Homeworld 3, including the expected release date

Want to know the expected Homeworld 3 release date? After 20 years, the Homeworld franchise is back with a full sequel. Homeworld 3 continues the RTS series that's now remembered as a PC classic, but the long wait likely has fans feeling both excited and nervous. Fortunately, we're here to round up everything we know so far, so that you know what to expect.

Below, we'll break down everything we know so far about Homeworld 3, including the expected release date, a look at the announcement and gameplay trailers, a dive into what's new for the franchise, and any story details that are currently available. Rest assured that we'll keep this guide updated with the latest reveals as they come.

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Spaceships in a Homeworld 3 screenshot.
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Homeworld 3 expected release date

Homeworld 3 is currently expected to release in the first half of 2023. We do not have a specific Homeworld 3 release date at this time, but we'll update this page as soon as we hear more. When it does launch, Homeworld 3 will arrive solely on PC. There are no public plans about bringing it to consoles at this time.

Homeworld 3 was originally meant to launch in 2022, before a delay hit during the Summer of the same year. Things work out in the end, though, as Homeworld 3 is now set to launch during the 20th anniversary of Homeworld 2. Like spaceships, time indeed flies.

Homeworld 3 trailer

Below, you can see the announcement trailer for Homeworld 3, which debuted way back in 2019:

Cover image for YouTube videoHomeworld 3 - Announce Trailer

It depicts three ships flying through space, preparing to make a hyperspace jump. It then cuts to a brief shot of a sleeping woman, who seems to be suspended in the air via pipes connected to her hair. This imagery is enough to get longtime fans excited, as franchise protagonist Karan S'jet plugged into the hyperspace core of her Mothership while serving as fleet commander in the original games. The woman, presumably Karan, wakes up just before the title card reveals that, indeed, Homeworld 3 is coming.

While this initial trailer did not feature gameplay footage, we did eventually get some sneak peeks amidst another stoy-heavy trailer at The Game Awards 2021, which you can see below:

Cover image for YouTube videoHomeworld 3- Gameplay First Look Trailer

While it does little to show how Homeworld 3 will play, it at least confirms that it'll retain the series' signature look. Various shots highlight starfighters dancing around during combat, and the engine trails left in their wake are sure to provide a nostalgia hit for fans.

Homeworld 3 gameplay

Cover image for YouTube videoHomeworld 3 | Gamescom Opening Night Live | Kesura Oasis Gameplay Trailer

Fortunately, Gamescom 2022 provided a much better look at Homeworld 3 gameplay. The trailer, which you can watch above, gives a brief summary of a mission while highlighting the various units available in-game. Those units will sure sound familiar to fans, with Fighters, Bombers, and Assault Frigates engaging in combat while Resource Collectors zip around to mine asteroids.

We also get quick looks at the movement system, which looks incredibly similar to the original. You know what they say - if it ain't broke, don't fix it - and that certainly seems to heavily influence the strategic gameplay of Homeworld 3. Of course, things are going to be a little different in Homeworld 3, and the deep-dive at Gamescom 2022 gave us further insight into what new features we can expect from this long-anticipated sequel.

Spaceships in a Homeworld 3 screenshot.

At it's core, combat will remain the same - as mentioned above, Fighters, Bombers, and other classes return. You'll manage your mothership across the campaign, introducing new units to your army with each mission. The steady mothership growth over the campaign was a key part of the original Homeworld games, and it'll remain a central pillar in Homeworld 3.

The battlefields, though, will feel far more dense. Rather than maps featuring swathes of empty space as they did in the originals, you'll now be able to utilise structures and scrap to hide or take cover from enemy spacecraft. We expect this will make Homeworld 3 feel far more interactive, introducing new layers of strategic movement as you traverse different terrain throughout the campaign.

Homeworld 3 story details

Close up of the Fleet command connected to a Hyperspace Core in Homeworld 3.

At the end of Homeworld 2, the player discovers a hyperspace network that spans the galaxy, opening civilisation up to much wider space travel and new trade possibilities. It was a huge moment, but Homeworld 3 suggests that it may have introduced new problems to the galactic network. Homeworld 3 picks up generations after that discovery, and we'll be diving into the issues it's caused in the years since.

Complicating matters further, Karan S'jet, the original protagonist of the Homeworld franchise, is missing. A new evil known as the Anomaly also threatens the galaxy, and it's seemingly connected to Karan's disappearance. In Homeworld 3, Imogen S'jet assumes the role of fleet commander, and tries to fight back against the Anomaly while investigating the whereabouts of their missing predecessor.

Imogen is a successor to Karan, and part of the Kiith S'jet group. A Kiith is a house representing a group of people - Kiith S'jet is focused on scientific advancements, for example. This is important to note, as the S'jet title might look like a traditional family name, which may not be the case here. It's entirely possible that there's no relation between Karan and Imogen S'jet.

Will Homeworld 3 have multiplayer?

Yes, Homeworld 3 has multiplayer. There are two modes that allow you to play with others: co-op and PvP.

In co-op, you and a friend can team up to manage a fleet through a series of randomly-selected battles. It's a mix of RTS and roguelite, with your fleet expanding and growing more powerful with each victory. If you perform well, you'll earn upgrades that carry between runs.

PvP is the more traditional multiplayer mode that you might expect from an RTS, allowing you to battle others in 1v1, free for all, or team battles. It'll undoubtedly get quite competitive, so this is where you'll want to test your mettle after learning ropes in the campaign mode. Of course, you can also choose to battle AI rather than other people if you're eager to practice in a more predictable environment.

That wraps up everything we currently know about Homeworld 3. Make sure to check back regularly for more news on this upcoming sci-fi RTS over the coming months!

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