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Homeworld 3 DLC plans revealed alongside collector’s edition with model spaceships

Expect a mix of free and paid updates aimed at its ‘War Games’ multiplayer mode

Spaceship action in a Homeworld 3 screenshot.
Image credit: Gearbox

Blackbird Interactive, the team behind upcoming strategy game Homeworld 3, have released details on both the planned roadmap and the game’s chunky-looking collector’s edition, ahead of the game’s release next month, 13th May.

The roadmap details three pieces of paid DLC for the year ahead, plus an additional planned paid piece in 2025. This is alongside several free content updates. Together, they’re all targeted at fleshing out the game’s ‘War Games’ three player co-op mode. Specifically, the roadmap details new playable factions, starting fleets, challenges, emblems, and maps.

Alongside some updated PC specs, the post also shows off Homeworld 3’s collector’s edition. This big box of toys includes the 'year one pass' bundle of all the content mentioned above, art lithographs, an OST, some multiplayer cosmetics, and several model ships of various sizes from the space game. Oh, and there’s a Steam key for the game in there too. The ships make noises and light up, but as a serious adult, I no longer care for such things. Give me some unpainted, unassembled plastic ships with some hastily written rules for making them fight though, and I’m all yours. You know, serious adult stuff.

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The collector’s edition is also doing the “give us more money to play 72 hours early” thing. One of the great things about writing for RPS is that I don’t have to pretend to be objective here. Excuse me a moment. Ahem: This is bollocks and you should all stop doing it. This whole ’pre-order to play early’ thing? Bollocks. Stop it. Expecting people to pay more on good faith that your product is worth the money before they’re able to verify? Bollocks. Stop it. Advertising a blind purchase as a privilege so valuable that it should actually cost money to be able to do? Stop it. Bollocks. It’s literally ‘buy before you buy’. That’s bollocks. Please, stop it. Thanks. Ahem.

Also slightly bollocks, says our Edwin, are Homeworld 3’s finicky controls, although the atmosphere - definitely the element that’s stuck with me most about its predecessors - appears to be intact. Earlier this year, Blackbird Interactive themselves were hit with layoffs. Edwin’s piece about the union politics of Blackbird’s excellent Hardspace: Shipbreaker is well worth a read if you haven’t already.

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