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Pilot Mechs In Brigador's Chill Cityscape, Out Now

Still very cool

Mech combat game Brigador is out today. It's a game about mercenary mechs-for-hire causing destruction in an isometric city. I played an early build of it and it had real promise, as aside from looking great its combat supported stealth runs, zippy raids, and straightforward damage dealing. We'll perhaps have some thoughts on it later, but for now you might want to watch its launch trailer and start listening to its soundtrack.

The trailer has my name in it, beneath the quote "Brigador is cool." That's the kind of deep, cutting insight you've come to expect from me, I bet:

Cover image for YouTube video

But Brigador is cool. Customisable mechs are cool; urban nightscapes are cool; its engine, which allows for destructible scenery and dynamically lit sprites through methods I do not understand, is cool. Just as important as the game coming out is that its soundtrack, by the excellent Makeup And Vanity Set, is also now available - and very cool.

The game spent a while in early access, during which people had some concerns over its price. It's now £23/$30 on Steam when bundled with the soundtrack and an audiobook set within the game's fiction, or $20 (around £13.85) when the game is bought by itself via Itch.io.

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