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Brigador Adds New Levels, New Mechs For Halloween

Stomp in, stomp on

The mysterious village of Brigadoon emerged from the mists over Halloween weekend to receive a series of free content updates. Wait. Brigador [official site]. Brigador the city-smashing stompy mech shooter. The Brigador which Alec's Wot I Think declared "glorious to behold". That's less thematically appropriate for Halloween, but I suppose adding new levels and mechs to Brigador makes more sense than adding deathbots to a Broadway musical. That said, I would welcome an all-mech production of Brigadoon. A dozen 100-ton mechs dancing the Highland Fling would be quite the sight.

Brigador developers Stellar Jockeys released four updates over the Halloween weekend. I suppose a mech could be seen as a very elaborate costume? Dooking for apples with your mech's cyberjaws.

Anyway. Friday's update brought a new level along with four new pilots to star in it and a new playable vehicle, the ultralight mech Fence. Saturday's update added a new level set in a spOoOooky graveyard along with another new mech, the Mantis. On Sunday, Stellar Jockeys made the Lowmil and Roper into playable vehicles while adding another new level. Lastly, Halloween's update added the Corvid Rat King as a playable vehicle and brought Brigador's first daylight level.

So new levels, new pilots, and new vehicles - smashing! Re-reading Alec's WIT now makes me want to fire up Brigador and check out all this new firepower.

If you fancy a crack yourself but don't own it, you've still got a few hours to grab Brigador in the Halloween sale on Steam, where it's down to £6.29/8,09€/$8.99.

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