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Brigador All Saints update adds horns and more


My Fiat Punto might not be an armoured, rocket launcher wielding machine of death, mayhem and destruction - but it was unambiguously superior to the vehicles from isometric mech game Brigador in one key respect. Before the latest Brigador update, only my Fiat was capable of alerting everyone nearby to my presence/annoyance with an obnoxious beeping sound. That's all changed with the the All Saints update, so naturally I'll be swapping it for an armoured mech as soon as they become road legal in the real world.

Click on through for the honk-packed trailer.

The update also adds 5 new missions, 5 new characters and a bunch of balance tweaks. You can read the full patch notes here.

As for those horns, they go beyond mere fun and into the much more grown-up world of functionality. According to the devs, "the horns are long in the making, designed to fit a specific combat purpose; controlling when sound and when/where you aggro enemy units in Brigador is very important, and so horns allow you to do that in a controlled way without firing your weapons". I haven't played any of the game, so can't comment on how useful they'll be in practice. I'm just sat here having flashbacks to all the times my friends have got me killed by abusing the (totally pointless) horn button that was introduced to Plunkbat back in August.

Here's what Alec had to say in his review:

Make no mistake, Brigador is a toybox first and foremost – assemble your dream mech or deathtank, take it out for a spin in Bladerunnerville, trash everything, have a bloody great fight. A few UI frustrations can’t take away the innate pleasure of that, especially when it looks so delightfully, tangibly model-like too. It’s not Mechwarrior, no, but it scratches pretty much every other mech itch going, and with style.

If you need to scratch that itch, the game is on sale for the week of November 6th. There's a 30% discount for the base edition of the game, dropping the price down to £10.49/$13.99.

Brigador is available on Steam, Humble,, and GoG.

Oh, and for the record - that Fiat Punto was a fictional construct I made up for the intro. I can't even drive.

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