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Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Free On Uplay

A fine video game

Ubisoft's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time from 2003 is a cracking reboot of the platformer series, swinging swords and dashing along walls on a magical adventure with wizards and sand monsters and a narrator who keeps explaining that he didn't actually fall on those spikes but he did but no not really but he did but not really. It's framed as a story the prince tells, y'see, so deaths are explained as mis-tellings. Nice! And it's just generally nice? The point is, right now Ubisoft are giving it away for free.

To celebrate turning 30, Ubisoft are giving away seven free games over the months to come and The Sands of Time is up first. I gave away a load of my stuff when I turned 30 to so I'll say: hang in there, Ian Ubisoft; being in your thirties honestly is great. You'll really appreciate the space you're clearing out now too.

You will, of course, need a Uplay account and the Uplay client to get and play it.

If you need convincing, John will tell you it's one of the best action games and my HYP has many fans praising the game in comments. It's good video games.

If you're going to leap into the comments to complain that this free game requires an account and software you personally dislike, know that I'll be mighty disappointed in you. I know you're trying, I do, and I won't be angry, but I will be disappointed.

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