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Mordheim: City Of The Damned Adds Witch Hunters

Which hunter?

Witch Hunters have arrived in Mordheim: City of the Damned [official site].

You: I don't know, which hunters?

I said, Witch Hunters are in the turn-based tactical Warhammer game as a DLC faction.

You: I give up, you tell me, who's here?

What? I don't... you mean Who the baseball player? First baseman for St. Louis? Here?

You: Wait- are you forcing me into a sloppy riff on Abbott and Costello? You should stop. Alice, this isn't right. Putting these words in my fingers like this. It's not on.

Ah fine, fine. Let's get down to business. Yes, you will need to buy the DLC to play as the Witch Hunters, but if you don't they can still appear as enemies. That's nice.

So! The Witch Hunters have arrived in Mordheim to combat Chaos. They're a full warband with seven new units - the Witch Hunter Captain, Flagellant, Witch Hunter, Zealot, Warrior Priest, Templar Knight, and Executioner - and new skills and spells and things. To play as them and see their new eight-mission campaign with High Capitular Wilhelm Krieger, you'll need to buy it.

The DLC is £5.24/7,49€/$7.49 on Steam right now, thanks to a 25% launch discount.

However, you can still see the Witch Hunters and scrap with 'em if not. The DLC launches alongside a new patch which adds them as an enemy warband you can encounter, see, not to mention it tweaks balance too. Check out the the patch notes for all that. Anyway, look at these nerks:

We had that nice Paul Dean tell us Wot He Thinks about this turn-based tactical battler but he wasn't really a fan. How about you? Any interest in Witch Hunters? Any other factions you'd like to see as warbands?

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