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Mordheim: City Of The Damned Explained In New Trailer

Information overload

When I was much younger, primary school age, I was into Games Workshop stuff. By the time I'd reached high school I'd begun to grudgingly disassociate myself with it for fear of being bullied, such was life at the educational establishment I attended in Glasgow. Which is shit, really, because besides anything else I missed the boat with Mordheim: City Of The Damned [official site ], thus only know anything about the once-tabletop-now-desktop Warhammer mashup via what I've read on these here pages of RPS.

Now as if the above examples of fine wordsmith-ery weren't enough, Mordheim's latest information-laden overview trailer does such a good job of describing what it's about - in just over two minutes, I may add - that I now think all games should face this sort of word-weaving treatment pre-release. Let's have a gander.

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That's a lot of words! Although turn-based, proceedings in Mordheim seem to flow pretty fast as the four playable Warbands - Human Mercenaries, Skaven, Sisters of Sigmar and the Cult of the Possessed - take each other to task. Each has a unique story-driven campaign - the area of development Rogue Factor have been focusing on of late, I believe, some of which is teased above - that can be taken offline against AI, or online against your mates/folk half your age who are inherently better at video games than you are. That last one's probably specific to me, though. Of course, consistent with other Games Workshop video games - and tabletop iterations, for that matter - City Of The Damned plays heavy on customisation, be it hiring, skills, gear or squad configuration.

Whilst both Adam and Marsh had issues with their respective times in Mordheim's Early Access, Alec was better-impressed with what the game's Phase 6 update proposed recently. If you'd like to come to your own conclusions, you can do via Steam, for £23.99.

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