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The Rat Pack: Mordheim - City Of The Damned

Entering Early Access 'imminently'

"There are only so many eyes and limbs a unit can lose before they're out."

Mordheim: City of the Damned is a squad-based tactical combat game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, in which an injured unit might return to the titular chaos-infected city with a pegleg. It's entering Early Access this month and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I've already enthused about the game, although I was looking at it rather than playing it so bring a bag of salt to those impressions, and the video below goes into detail about the unusual implementation of action points and other mechanics so you can learn all about it and join me in the Excitement Chamber.

Procedurally generated skirmishes, multiplayer and a full single player campaign? Oh, you are spoiling us Mr Ambassador. Here in Mordheim we're usually content to chew the tentacles that are erupting from the palms of our hands when we find ourselves in need of a hors d'oeuvre. And your hybrid real-time/turn-based system is a main course fit for a king. Would that our king had not been reduced to a writhing puddle of sentient eyeballs that occasionally sprouts a mouth simply to scream sweet songs of agony and prayer directed toward the memory of dread Nagash.

The initial Early Access launch will be a sample, with the full feast rolling out incrementally over the coming months.

But how long will we have to wait for Skaven?

The available Warbands at the Early Access kick-off in a few days are: the Human Mercenaries from the Empire, and the Skaven from Clan Eshin. Your warmongering will take place on two procedural maps with randomized elements, and two unique maps, in the classic deathmatch mode. New players need not worry, as basics will be served through four tutorials introducing them to the game!

There will be no waiting. The Skaven are on the frontline.

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