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Gears Of War 4 Coming To Windows 10

Proper Gears 4 too

Microsoft are certainly starting to bring their big guns from Xbox One to PC - big guns with chainsaws on 'em and everything. Gears of War 4 [official site] will launch for Windows 10 and Xbone in October, and both versions are tied together. It'll be an 'Xbox Play Anywhere' game, which means that folks who buy it digitally get it on both platforms, with progress and achievements shared between them. Its co-op campaign and other co-op modes will support cross-platform multiplayer too.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition came our way earlier this year, revamping of the first game, but Microsoft have held back on new games in their main series. Or they've slung us cut-down versions, like the singleplayer-only Forza 6 Apex. But now, yep, Gears of War 4 proper is coming our way.

It's a bit fancier for us too, as it'll support 2160p resolutions. As for cross-platform stuff, it sounds like competitive multiplayer will be sectioned off by platform but co-op campaign, Horde, and Co-op Versus modes will be playable across both.

October 11th is the Xbone date, so presumably it's the same on PC too. Here's a trailer with co-op from E3:

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