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Make Mates With Silent Movies: Projector Face

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Projector Face [official site] is a strange but charming point and click adventure that sees you take control of, you guessed it, a chap with a projector for a face. Well, his entire head is actually a projector, but I guess the actual projections are beamed from his face so it's fine.

Anyway, semantics aside, the resultant silent protagonist is essentially a cross between Edward Scissorhands and film critic Mark Kermode. Speaking to the former, he's a bit of a misfit, but he's got a good heart and just wants to be loved. Speaking to the latter, he loves films, and will do just about anything to make people watch them.

After a successful stint on Greenlight towards the tail end of last year, Projector Face has now landed on Steam where it offers some pretty solid point and click fare against some lovely animated backdrops. Before we go on, here's a quick glance at its Greenlight campaign trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

The premise is simple: after a chance tumble from atop an attic shelf onto a pile of discarded clothes, Projector Face has assumed human form. Now, he's off to realise a (shelf)lifelong dream: to make friends. Awwww.

A number of 'take this', 'combine that', 'apply thus' puzzles ensue and, given this is a silent adventure, information is relayed to the hero by way of "silent film style narration." It's a novel idea and an interesting one that sees Projector Face scouring levels for broken film reels, repairing them, and then showcasing them from his head, with the hope of befriending the local kids that hangout in each area. It's endearing and not as creepy as it sounds - even if the first encounter goes horribly wrong.

"Perhaps he can speak through film," ponders the silent movie prompt. Projector Face rolls a film that begins with a cutesy rabbit munching down on a carrot, before quickly turning to a hungry snake that devours said rabbit whole. The kids scatter, obviously, and poor Projector Face can't fathom why his prospective mates have run off scared. He was only trying to be friendly, after all.

Projector Face is out now for Windows on Steam for £3.99/$4.99/4,99€.

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