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Make Space Green Again: Stellaris Mod Adds Kerbal

It's hardly a secret that Star Wars fans and Trekkies don't see eye to eye, and, depending on who you ask, the mere thought of a crossover is considered the highest form of blasphemy. Would it be awesome, though? Or would it cause the world to implode? Maybe it'd look like this?

Luckily, sci-fi followings are known to get along a wee bit better in Videogameland (sometimes), not least Kerbal Space Program [official site] and Stellaris [official site]. With this in mind, one inventive modder has brought Kerbal's race of green explorers to Paradox's grand strategy-meets-4X-a-thon.

The person responsible for this Kerbal collision is knuckey333 whose Kerbal Space Program mod lets fans of both games tinker with the Kerbol solar system - including the planet Kerbin and its revolving Mun - within the bounds of Stellaris' vast expanse.

The Kerbal race boasts resilience as their primary trait, and subtle features such as Eve's atmosphere being purple, distinguished character profiles, Kerbin starting with only 10 tile slots due its limited size, and the fact that Duna can be colonised, really captures the overarching tone of KSP, even in these wholly unfamiliar surroundings. Kerbal-specific anomalies have even been added, however creator knuckey333 warns of spoilers for those still ploughing through KSP.

Moving forward, knuckey333 hopes to recruit an artist to help with ship redesigns. "Regarding animated portraits and ship models, it would definitely be something I'd like to see, but it would require someone with more graphics skills than myself to implement unfortunately," they say. "Hopefully a such a person will come along!"

The Kerbal Space Program mod for Stellaris can be found via its Steam Workshop page.

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